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Privacy policy

Edition as of 22.10.2020

This Privacy Policy (the “Policy”) constitutes an integral part of the Partner Agreement (the “Agreement”). Unless otherwise required due to the context, or defined elsewhere in the text of this

Policy, the capitalized words on this Policy shall have the same meaning as defined in the Agreement.

The PP respects privacy rights and will not collect any personal data, except for those required for Partner’s registration with PP, identification, and comfortable use PP’s services.

By registering with PP, еру the Partner accepts the personal information storage rules pointed out below.

Data collection and storage

PP can collect and process the following information:

  • data provided by the Partner when registering with PP and updating Partner’s information;
  • data provided by the Partner in any message, including support requests, failure reports and other requests. The PP reserves the right to keep records of such messages;
  • data of payments made;
  • information about the configuration of Partner’s computer, including the properties and settings of the software and network.

Use of "cookies"

The PP can collect data about Partner’s Internet use via cookies. The cookies will be used for identification of the Partner you as a registered website participant, and also for storing various information about Partner’s account in order to avoid re-entering of this information whenever possible.

The Partner may refuse saving cookies by selecting the appropriate option in browser settings, however, in might result in losing the ability to use certain or all elements PPs website.

The PP reserves the right to use cookies if the Partner does not set other option in browser settings.

Use of information received

The PP reserves the right to use Partner’s information stored in the following way:

  • to grant Partner access to the PP’s website;
  • to improve the website services;
  • to identify Partner among other website users, to publish Partner’s data publicly (for example, ratings, standings, etc.);
  • for more precise advertising campaign selection that meet Partner’s interests;
  • for various kinds of notifications of the website changes and updates and to send Partner other information relating directly to the PP’s website.

Data disclosure

PP will not disclose Partner’s personal information to the third parties, with the exception of the following cases provided by law. PP reserves the right to disclose Partner’s personal data in order to comply with any statutory obligation or state authorized order.

Access to the information

The Partner has the right and the opportunity to change its personal data. The Partner can do this to the extent that the PP’s website allows it to do through Partner’s account.

Policy Changes

All amendments to this Policy will be performed in compliance with the respective provisions of the Agreement.