Why in betting it’s better to drive traffic to a specific event

2021 will host multiple sporting events that fans have been waiting for back since the pandemic started in 2020. For example: the UEFA Football Championship, the Summer Olympics in Tokyo and several matches featuring top-tier fighters. This vertical has quickly recovered from the pandemic-related restrictions that hit sporting events and is attracting waves of new players. One of the most effective betting affiliate marketing strategies is driving traffic to a specific event.

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Driving traffic to important sports events in 2021 

To drive traffic to betting events, you must always be up to speed with all upcoming major sporting events. To make sure you are, you can compile a monthly calendar of events that you plan on driving traffic to and get ready in advance. Or just use the sports calendars offered by affiliate programs and communities. Attracting users to betting events is easier, because they are plenty of fans and just sports-enthusiasts that have never placed any sort of bet. Meaning that the entire fanbase are the betting offer’s potential clients. Moreover, creatives that feature the participants or teams of the event can be used to attract fans that are most likely to bet on the outcome.  

The best time to launch ad campaigns is a day or two prior to the event. If there’s currently a long-term event going on such as a Championship or the Olympics, you can launch campaigns both shortly before the start of the competition and during the event, just remember to make adjustments to the creatives and the targeting settings according to the GEO. That way you can attract fans from different countries to a single event. 

Currently, the most popular sports in the world are:

During the pandemic, many bookmakers began covering eSports events. This sector has been becoming increasingly popular over the years and thanks to the pandemic-related restrictions skyrocketed in 2020. So don’t neglect the eSports sector. It has both lone matches and entire championships that attract a lot of fans. In 2020, eSports events ranked second in popularity among all sporting events.

Competitions are mainly held for the following games:

Betting traffic sources in 2021

Popular traffic sources for betting offers still include Facebook, Instagram, Google UAC and Push notifications, buying ad space from bloggers, Telegram channels and SEO traffic. TikTok sometimes also converts well. The betting vertical is suitable for beginner webmasters since its ads aren’t blocked by ad platforms as aggressively as those of certain other verticals. Plus, BOs operate quite legally in some countries. 

Your choice of traffic source also depends on your budget. TikTok and Instagram allow you to get conventionally free traffic. You can use accounts with clips of matches or fights that can get a lot of views, granted you upload regularly and are good at editing them. You can also have a Telegram sports channel or a website-blog, where you will post your affiliate link. If you know how SEO works, such a website can get lots of organic traffic and secure conversions in the long run. 

Purchasing ads from bloggers is also a popular choice. If you pick out a blogger, whose audience is similar to that of the offer, meaning that buying traffic from them is a better choice than from ad platforms.

You should consider buying traffic only if your budget is at least $300-500. Facebook allows you to promote only licensed BOs, and to promote them in Google UAC, you’ll need webview apps. Push notifications and teaser grids allow you to promote betting offers and the conversion rate is pretty good, but you’ll need to fiddle around with the targeting settings. 

The usual TA of betting offers is made up of 25-45 males with stable incomes. 

How to design a converting creative?

A converting creative for event betting must contain the images of teams or athletes participating in those events. Another effective option is to disclose the odds the BO offers. Some affiliate programs provide webmasters with creatives, including ones tailored to specific events. For users from Tier 1 countries, sports bets are more of a form of entertainment, so your creatives should inspire emotions that would attract the team’s fans. In the CIS region, the best option is to go for creatives that offer ways to make money, bonuses or that feature luxury items and cash prizes. 

Static creatives

Video creatives are believed to provide more conversions. But static creatives can in some cases be just as efficient. You should always test out both types of creatives. 

In static creatives, you can include the coefficient for the event and some popular participants. Some large BOs have ambassadors – famous athletes. Mentioning them in creatives + employing brand awareness also play a decisive role.

Popular approaches: “Team 1 vs Team 2”, deposit bonuses, potential winnings from bets

Video creatives

Video creatives usually use spectacular moments from sports events. For example, amazing goals of one of the participating teams, knockouts if we talk about martial arts events, and other similar moments with a call to place bets. 

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Betting is a good vertical for novice webmasters, and for those who have experience, but are tired of constantly having to worry about cloaking other gray-hat verticals. At the same time, you can make as much money on betting offers as you could on gambling or nutra. And the Revenue Share model turns betting into a stable source of white-hat passive income.