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The world of sports betting is full of different mind-blowing sporting events. And while football as the most spectacular team sport is still in the spotlight, there are many other crowd-gathering options. As the number of punters who like to bet on sports grows, affiliate marketing is becoming an increasingly popular technique for promoting sportsbooks. For example, Parimatch, a well-established gaming platform combining sportsbook and online casino, works with the Parimatch Affiliates network with a multitude of different offers for webmasters. Parimatch Affiliates allows marketers to achieve their most important goal: maximizing conversion rates. They offer a plethora of affiliate programs, with the UFC affiliate program being one of the most popular ones. We are here to tell you about the features of the UFC, the available UFC betting affiliates offers and the benefits of partnering with the Parimatch Affiliate program.


Parimatch Affiliates – UFC Affiliate Program Benefits

UFC betting affiliate program

Created in 1993 as a one-off tournament to determine the best martial art, the UFC has become a highly entertaining crowd-pleasing event. Subsequently, it was decided to hold new competitions. However, under pressure from the authorities, UFC has undergone significant changes, transforming it from a spectator show to a sporting discipline. In 2001, when the UFC was acquired by Station Casinos’ owner, the company began to take the American market by storm. This led to the UFC being a significant competitor to boxing on TV time from the mid-2000s to now. After only a few years, most MMA fighters were already competing under the UFC umbrella, which speaks to the popularity of this tournament.


With spectacular “no rules” fights perceived as something new, the UFC caught the attention of many, including betting enthusiasts. So, it’s no surprise that Parimatch has added the UFC to the list of disciplines available to place bets on. And Parimatch Affiliates has lucrative betting affiliate program offers on UFC for every webmaster able to target high volumes of traffic to Parimatch betting products. So, here are a few facts and peculiarities of Parimatch Affiliates you should know about:


As a direct advertiser for Parimatch, the Parimatch Affiliates program offers many options including a gambling affiliate program for webmasters who prefer to promote online casino products.


UFS Affiliate Program Details

Parimatch Affiliates offers several payment models including RevShare, CPA and Hybrid (RS+CPA). The affiliate platform supports multiple payment methods including PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, Bitcoin and many more. The Parimatch Affiliates network is open for testing virtually any type of traffic and is now working with a wide range of GEOs including India, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, and other potentially lucrative markets. The network is now expanding its geographic reach to provide even more opportunities for webmasters promoting UFC betting products.


By signing up with Parimatch Affiliates, you gain access to high-performing creatives, apps and landing pages designed to help webmasters make the most out of the UFC betting affiliate program. In addition, the platform offers tools to track customer activities so you can have insight into the effectiveness of your campaigns. Eager to convert efficient Influencers into loyal users, Parimatch Affiliates offers many bonuses and incentives, including promotions designed for popular UFC events. The platform takes an individual approach to each webmaster to establish a credible relationship.


How It Works

With UFC betting affiliates, you will be able to profit from the customers you bring to the Parimatch platform. Here are some payment options to choose from:


The best way to check how it works is to join Parimatch Affiliates and try it yourself.


Sign Up with Parimatch Affiliates

The great thing about Parimatch Affiliates compared to many other programs is that it doesn’t require you to hand over a ton of personal details. Simply go to the affiliate program’s website, click on the registration button and provide your email address, name, phone number, your traffic source and preferred GEO. After submitting the form, you need to wait for the Parimatch Affiliates team to manually verify the data you have provided.


Get Partner Links

After successful registration and verification, the next step is to get links that you will use to direct traffic to Parimatch betting products. To access the UFC offer, make a request to the platform’s support team. Then go to the Get Your Link section to get your unique link.



Although you can find answers to most questions in the FAQ section of the Parimatch Affiliates website, you can also contact support agents via email and social media. You may also have an affiliate manager assigned to help you resolve issues quickly.


Despite its youth compared to boxing, the UFC is a very popular sporting discipline that attracts millions of television viewers and bettors worldwide. With Parimatch Affiliates, you can profit from sports events without placing a single bet. Just select the UFC betting offer, find a potentially profitable source of traffic, and drive paying players to the Parimatch platform.