Types of Sites and Traffic for Making Money on Gambling Affiliate Programs

A website combines many web documents on the same domain address. All of the web pages of a single site are dedicated to the same topic. Websites come in different types, such as commercial or non-commercial, single-page or multi-page, etc.

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Types of Sites for Gambling: Thematic Sites

There are three types of sites dedicated to promoting the services of online gambling venues. They feature different types of content, such as texts, pictures, and videos that are related to online gambling. However, the services of online casinos can also be advertised on websites not focused on gambling.

News Platforms

They cover all kinds of online media, where news is published aiming at attracting lots of users. Links are placed on the news or other publications on the relevant topic. Gambling ads can also be published on such platforms.

Review Platforms

The content of gambling affiliate programs can be published on review websites. There, fans of gambling can find interesting content, containing text or video materials.


Blogs are usually run by certain people. Sometimes, however, they can be managed by a group of people with deep knowledge of a certain topic. The content can be accessed without any restrictions. When it comes to gambling affiliate programs, the advertiser is interested in attracting attention from reputable high rollers with many subscribers.

Sources of Gambling Traffic

There are many sources, where gambling traffic may come from. Some of them are popular, while the others are not so much. The best option is the traffic coming directly from queries in search engines, but it can be challenging to get it.

Contextual Advertising

It allows attracting lots of visitors. Investing in this type of traffic comes with a high return. If a visitor is looking for a gambling venue, the chances are that the one will register, make a deposit, and place bets.

Organic Traffic

One of its advantages is the absence of advertising costs. As for disadvantages, it requires constant maintenance, promotions, and adding new materials. The higher the quality of the content, the more profitable it will be for an affiliate partner.

Free Traffic from Social Networks

It is necessary to choose social networks based on the location of the target audience. Russian, Ukrainian, and Belarusian users prefer the following options:

You can register with a social network, publish interesting stories on the life of a gambler, while also adding ads and referral links.

Clickunder, Popunder, and Doorway

Those are relatively cheap types of traffic that are not popular among online gambling venues. Advertisers do not want to use them since they are not profitable for online gambling houses.

What Advertisers Pay Attention to When Analyzing Your Traffic?

Advertisers need to know how many customers can be attracted by the offer. They do not pay for the link itself, but the number of quality leads that follow it. Also, they usually pay not for visiting their website, but for certain actions conducted by customers.

Conversion Rate (CR)

This is where advertisers analyze the path from registration to the first deposit, and from the first to the second one. This indicator is enough to understand who exactly was attracted by the affiliate program — real customers who are ready to make regular bets, or minors, those addicted to gambling, or players with no money.

Size of Deposits

If all attracted users make the first deposit for the minimum amount, it will be alerting for the casino. While casual players are not willing to spend much money, there should also be high rollers or really reckless gamblers.

User Activity and Their Behavior on the Platform

An affiliate can count on good profits only if one attracts active players. If most of the customers place minimum wagers, which does not bring any income for the club, the affiliate partner will not get a commission for a long time.

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Advertisers need to select thematic sites and attract referrals who will bring the maximum income. Advertisers use an individual approach to every webmaster, negotiating conditions, depending on the expected return. You can negotiate everything from offers to promotional materials. Commissions are usually paid on time and everything needed is provided by managers. The popularity of this type of earnings is increasing day by day.