Trends in the iGaming Industry in 2022

The gaming industry is an excellent way to forget about the coronavirus pandemic. The popularity of online casinos has grown significantly over the past two years, revealing the trends of further development. At the same time, software developers have warned about a decrease in production due to the switch of most of their employees to remote work. However, online casinos are capable of satisfying the growing demand by providing players with everything needed for an enjoyable gambling experience.

The Future of the iGaming Industry

The industry is constantly evolving. According to analysts, profit from video games will exceed $180 billion in 2021. Experts state that the following games will be popular:

The market is expanding, and gambling is attracting more and more users. There are no signs of a change in positive development trends to negative ones.

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iGaming as the Online Entertainment Industry

The gambling industry is pretty large. Its participants are everyone related to gambling and online casinos, such as casino operators, software developers, licensing and regulatory bodies, high rollers, marketers, and many others.

The iGaming Industry in Ukraine

Ukraine has legalized the gambling business, which is great especially considering that large bookmakers and gambling venues like Parimatch have always supported legalization. A gambling license must be renewed every five years.

The cost of a license for all games, according to the Law, depends on the minimum wage. For example, a license for a bookmaker will cost 30,000 minimum wages.

The cost of a casino license is 7,500 minimum wages, while 1 minimum wage as of January 1, 2021 is 6,000 UAH.

The Growing Popularity of Mobile Gambling

Mobile gambling is gradually taking the online gambling industry. The main reasons for that are the following:

Making payments on mobile devices is getting easier. The variety of options impresses everyone who wants to have some gambling fun and earn some money.

New Table Games

New table games are designed regularly. Casual games are suppressed by hyper-casual ones. They come with a simple design and rules. Users get lazier, preferring to watch how reels are spinning without having to bother with pressing on the Spin button every time. They just use an autospin option.

Live Casino

Gambling affiliate programs also promote the services of live casinos, which are available on mobile devices. However, they may come with certain limits due to the low quality of the mobile Internet. The casino owners are interested in the implementation of 5G, which will increase network bandwidth.

Problems and How They Affect the Online Gambling Industry

The gaming industry draws attention from regulatory bodies, trying to increase revenues to the budget from this sector. In addition to finding a reliable affiliate program, casino owners should be prepared to the following:

Experts are confident that various difficulties will improve the gambling industry. However, the costs of marketing and the development of new trends will increase.

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What Are the Difficulties for Launching Payment Options at Online Casinos

Betting and gambling affiliate programs become more attractive for payment service providers. They better understand how this type of business works. Also, they worry less about possible fraud or money laundering since various regulating laws help avoid undesired risks.

Promotional Methods

Effective ways to promote online gambling venues on the Internet are through affiliate programs, SEO, advertising on social networks, such as Instagram, Facebook, and others, email marketing, teaser and contextual advertising campaigns, Google Adwords and Google UAC, and live streams.