The ways of traffic arbitrating

Traffic arbitrating is the paid redirection of visitors from one site to another.

There are a lot of different sources with the help of which you can get the traffic. Each has its own characteristics – advertising formats (photos, videos, text ads), target audience of resources, targeting options (detailed audience setting), cost, network rules (in some places casino advertising is prohibited, somewhere microcredits), etc.

Users from search engines are considered the most valuable and hot audience —advertising is displayed at the user’s request what means that the user is looking for a product himself and become ready to buy it.

There is such type of search traffic like contextual advertising.

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Contextual advertising

Contextual advertising is an online advertising format in which your advertisement is shown for specific user requests in search engines and takes 1–4 place in the search results with the mark «advertising». Contextual advertising is presented in the form of text or graphic messages, sometimes videos. Advertising works absolutely on any resource or source, including search engines, websites, mobile applications. Speaking about special features of contextual ads it will be good to highlight the strict moderation. This way of traffic arbitrating is a pretty popular in Ukraine.

Social networks traffic

As one of an advertising tools — a social networks offer targeted on advertising, which allows you to select an audience based on:

The most popular among them are Instagram and Facebook. By the way, the youth social network TikTok is now gaining popularity. There are a huge flow of users who use this application on a daily basis.

There are a wide range of advertising formats — promo posts, video ads, story ads. It is also possible to buy advertising placement directly from communities. These gives a huge opportunities for the affiliate and the most important thing is to use them correctly.

Organic traffic (SEO)

Organic traffic is also one of the way of traffic arbitrating. It is a shareware source, work of which is based on optimization and promotion the site according to the necessary target requests. The client enters a request in the search window and selects the most convenient option which is suitable for his requirements and requests.

In most cases the client looks at the first 10 resources. In SEO, the first results can become visible in at least a few months / half a year. A good finances is also required to promote highly competitive searches.

Convert adult traffic

The fact that adult traffic have a perfectly results of convertation on gambling is no longer a secret to anyone. If a man in his 30’s sits on porn sites for hours it’s become clearly that he has a problems in his private life and a wild desire to become an alpha male in an expensive car and with luxury ladies. That’s why winning in a casino and excitement from gaming can help to make his fantasies come true.

As soon as the future gambler starts his dreaming about how to shoot any girl with the help of money, we show him «the place where all dreams will come true», namely the casino. Post-rolls do not convert users well and force them to switch on «Start making money in the casino».

The stories of success on teaser networks

Monetizing sites and making money on traffic is one of the easiest ways of making money on the Internet. The teaser network is an intermediary between the advertiser and the site owner. Many users have learned the way of successfully making money on teaser ads. In modern conditions it becomes possible by using the instructions of how to correctly build a scheme for working with teaser networks.

Invent a story about how a guy cheated a casino and made creatives and pre-landings for it.

From the pre-landing page you lead to the main landing page, where the user will only have to register and replenish the deposit.

Also it is important to mention that according to statistics, most buyers in online stores choose only the products with positive reviews of users.

What about creatives?

Not depending from the traffic source, when invent creatives for gambling offers it is important to understand that gambling addict people need emotions and relaxation. Fans of gambling do not want to delve into what is happening. The exception is sports betting. This is a completely different audience that thinks analytically and does not rely on luck.

When choosing an offer, you may faced with the fact that the advertiser only allows the usage of creatives made by his promotional department. This is due to the fact that some of the messages discredit the brand, and the reputation is so valuable. You shouldn’t win your creatives from the manager also for the reason that the advertiser knows exactly what audience he wants to convert and has already carefully worked out the creatives to get traffic for which he is willing to pay.

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Finally it is important to mention that arbitration is one of the most popular ways of making money on traffic among webmasters. Traffic arbitrating is a pretty promising niche for making money in Ukraine. Business income can go up to six figures. It all depends on the experience and skills of the affiliate.

Popular directions for traffic arbitrating are gambling or casinos affiliate, sports betting.

These all are types of gambling advertising income. If you ask the specialists who have chosen this sphere about how much affiliates earn, they will name the numbers higher than any others. There are a lot of money spinning in gambling.