The “Capper” approach to driving traffic to betting offers

What’s a capper and capping

A capper is a professional sports analyst. Despite betting technically being part of the gambling vertical, unlike the casino, in betting you can actually predict the outcome. People that are capable of that can be fans with lots of experience or just regular people who are versed in certain sports and make money on it.

Capper traffic is a method of driving traffic through blogs, channels, groups, websites where cappers offer their predictions and generate an audience.

Currently, such traffic is best attracted to Telegram, Youtube and social media communities.  

This approach incorporates multiple capper techniques

Unfortunately, just like in any profitable area, there are plenty of scammers among cappers whose goal is to collect money for a large bet or to mess up the odds and disappear. But that has nothing to do with affiliate marketing.  

The capper approach  implies generating an audience in a community and then driving that traffic to a betting offer. At the same time this strategy has additional monetization methods if the forecasts are high-quality and allow people to earn money.

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Pros and cons of the capper approach

Some of the pros:

As for the cons:

Types of monetization in betting offers

The betting vertical incorporates all bookmaker office offers. You can join an affiliate program to get a link to such an offer, with new users being paid for according to the following models:

The target audience of capper channels

The main audience is similar to that of regular betting offers. It’s mostly made up of men over 25 who are fans, sports enthusiasts or are interested in bets and making money. They usually live in large cities (with over 1 million residents).

Recently, betting on esports competitions has become a lot more popular, and the capper approach is also used when driving traffic from such events. The audience of such channels is slightly different: mostly males over 18 who are fans of games like Dota2, CS:GO, FIFA.

How to create a source of capper traffic, and where to get forecasts from?

Telegram is usually the prime choice for such channels with small launching budgets. There are several approaches to creating a channel: a branded channel or on behalf of a capper.

In the first case, the more effective promotion strategy would be to develop your own style, logo and way of running the channel.  For example, these can be leaked forecasts from professionals or a channel of a whole group of cappers. 

As for the second approach, stories of people making mad bank very quickly perform the best. It’s best to be open with your audience to gain their trust, give them your contact info or hire a special “HR” person. Usually such channels feature a lot of content with wads of cash and luxury lifestyle-related attributes that the capper managed to afford with the help of their forecasts and now they’re sharing their secrets with the public. 

After creating a channel, you can get up to 3,000-5,000 users to make it look like an active channel and can proceed to drive traffic from Instagram, as well as buying it from more popular sports-themed Telegram channels.

A good strategy is to simultaneously have 2 channels – one in Telegram and the other in Instagram showcasing the capper’s daily activities. This approach inspires more trust among users.

You can purchase forecasts from professional cappers if you have serious plans for the long run. Or you can take a particular sport and try to become an expert yourself. Many channels just straight up post random forecasts, since subscribers can’t really comment or otherwise complain anyway. But the quality of such traffic will quickly go down and burn out the channel. Introducing additional monetization features will also be problematic. 

If the channel features high-quality content and makes the webmaster money, they can also pay to be promoted by famous bloggers. Or “hire” them to represent the channel for a cut of the profits, while continuing to take care of all the technical aspects yourself.

Additional monetization methods

The advantage of such a traffic source is that besides driving traffic to sports betting affiliate programs, you can additionally monetize your audience.

A popular choice are private Telegram channels with paid access that serve as a direct source of income. Once the channel reaches 10-15k subscribers, you can also sell ad space on it which will also be a nice additional source of income.

The capper approach helps attract a warmed-up target audience. Therefore, if a webmaster posts high-quality content and forecasts, they can work through the RevShare model and receive passive income from the affiliate program. You can also warm up the audience to major sporting events with all sorts of bonuses and promo codes.

Affiliate programs that work with capper traffic understand the value of such incentives and are ready to provide the affiliate with bonuses to help attract new clients.

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Despite the fact that some in the affiliate marketing community believe that capper traffic has become obsolete, there are still many who manage to make money on it. It’s vital to pump out quality content and treat it like a marketing strategy, not a way to make a quick buck. If you post predictions that win at least the minimum, this will be enough to attract an audience trying to escape the hordes of scammers. Quality content will also let you to further monetize your traffic and create multiple passive income channels.