Selection of a target audience for Gambling offers

First of all, it should be mentioned, that gambling is everything that is connected with excitement and money. If you think that the gambling audience are homeless people, drunkards or beggars who is looking for a work, then you are very wrong! Gambling offers are affiliate programs, the main purpose of which is to invite new users to play for real money in slots and other types of online gambling entertainment presented on the online casino website. For each new player who deposited the required amount to his own account, the affiliate receives money for his work.

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The variety of gambling audience

The gambling audience is about entertainment: adult sites, online cinemas, game portals, torrents etc. The high roller prefers a game where you have to place a large bet, as it focuses on making a big win. The desire of high rollers to hit a big jackpot on an online gambling platform is not shared by all users of slots and other gambling games, as many players play a measured game. There are many women among high rollers and VIP players and they are more prone to gambling addiction.

Low roller refers to newbies in the field of gambling, or those players who are not ready to risk their own savings, and make small bets, if not minimal. If you work directly with sites or through a teaser network, then keep in mind that cinema platforms, adult sites and entertainment sites are the best converters. In terms of quality, they also show a good results.

Analysis of the target audience of the offer

The gambling audience is different, but the main thing in slots and online gambling entertainment is still a player in age from 25 to 50. The target gambling audiences have 2 main vectors. The first is balanced, self-sufficient people who play in casinos and other games for pleasure and the second group, on the contrary, are impulsive, emotional gamblers.

Accordingly, the approaches to these two target audiences are different: for example for the first group is important to receive the information about licensed scripts. The second will be interested in a simple bonus to the deposit.

The portrait of an average player

Basically, people who prefer gambling are men of active age (from 24 to 45 years old), working people («hard workers»). Such kind of audience has more free funds at their personal disposal, and the younger the audience, the lower the solvency.

The typical gamer loves to relax after working days with a bottle of beer in front of a monitor with his favorite slot machines. The casino is always at hand, the chance to win and withdraw money in a convenient way is also not far. Support operators or personal VIP-managers will also help brighten up the evening, who, in addition to active and motivational work, can also be a psychologist or a person to whom you can express any thoughts (colleagues, wife, etc. will not know about this). A casino player may be addicted to computer games («Tanks online» and others).

According to the growing popularity of mobile casino applications, it is also clear that smartphone users with an average income also get into gambling and dream about hitting a big jackpot one of the day. They start from minimum bets or play for high stakes.

The main motives for the game:


The target audience of traffic affiliates includes gambling addicts people, as well as users who consider the game as a source of their main income, or want to earn extra money for entertainment. The main motivation that encourage people in Ukraine go and play it’s that in this niche you can get a good money:

A few words about creatives

It’s hard to say that in gambling you have to bother with creativity, in terms of teasers, banners, posts and other promotions. Gambling requires a lot of creativity when creating teasers and banners. The most winning is the placement of spinning reels, fruit-themed slots, users’ faces at the moment of winning. It is the creativity that should be set up on emotions. And in the ads, you just need to observe a number of restrictions and not to do anything that will attract 100% of the unnecessary target audience.

How to be successful in a work with the target audience

To work with the target audience in casino affiliate programs, you can use many different tips:


The conversion from registrations to deposits, as well as the number of high rollers, and, accordingly, the quality of your traffic, are highly dependent on GEO.

The most targeted GEO for an advertiser is the Russian Federation, because 95% of all high rollers of a casino arrive from this GEO. It’s a good idea to form geo-location indicators taking into account the peculiarities of your type of activity. If the business does not extend to other cities of the country, then the focus should be left only on the hometown.

In the CIS, the convertation from registrations to deposits has worse results.

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To summarize, it is good to mention that the audience for gambling is different. And the approaches to it are different. But all these are people who use the gambling business as a promising source of income. The advertiser should learn carefully the target audience for gambling and it will give him an opportunity to attract even more engaged customers.