SiGMA & AGS Gather 300 Spartans in the World of Affiliate Marketing


From 14-18 November, Malta will host Sigma Europe, a global event open to anyone involved in the iGaming industry, including affiliate marketers. Sigma is a globally respected hub for business insights and innovation and the upcoming event will attract 20,000+ attendees including well-known speakers and exhibitors. Following its success in Hong Kong, Tallinn, Kyiv & Belgrade, the Affiliate Grand Slam sends 300 top affiliates straight to Malta for one of the most anticipated conferences of the year.


What is the ‘300 Spartans’ by SiGMA & AGS?


The 300 Spartans by SiGMA & AGS is an ambitious affiliate switch event to be held in one of the world’s most attractive destinations, Malta. Bringing together 12 up-and-coming operators, the AGS will host 300 representatives from the affiliate marketing world for a large-scale event with a friendly atmosphere that is perfect for productive networking. 300 Spartans by SiGMA & AGS includes exciting scenic tours, and sumptuous lunches combined with premium content. It is an event that brings together great networking and business opportunities while participants enjoy the best of life in Malta.


Partners at 300 Spartans Event


SiGMA & AGS is the premier trade show for affiliates and advertisers working in the iGaming world. The upcoming event is impressive in its scope and the list of partners and sponsors includes the following big names:

Affiliate marketing is what drives the iGaming industry forward, and the Sigma gaming event brings together all of the most promising affiliate businesses. A full list of partners and sponsors is available on the official Sigma website.


Exhibitors at Conference in 2022


The event will bring together 700+ exhibitors representing the best in the industry. Attendees at the 3-day conference will be able to learn innovative ideas and insights into affiliate marketing for iGaming products in order to get the ultimate experience of achievement and goal-setting. The full list of exhibitors at the event can be found on the official website.


Reasons to Attend the 300 Spartans by SiGMA & AGS


Participation in the event opens up a wide range of opportunities for the affiliate marketing industry representatives:


Finally, these are paid for by the organizers and sponsors, so that attendees can enjoy networking events without having to pay for accommodation and a return flight. Recall that Parimatch Affiliates is a sponsor of the 300 Spartans, a content-powered event which takes place in 3 phases and focuses on the forefront of affiliate marketing and iGaming. By becoming one of the sponsors of the event, Parimatch Affiliates gave a unique opportunity to participate in entertainment events and conferences for its top 20 affiliates.




300 Spartans is an opportunity to visit Malta, one of Europe’s most picturesque destinations and meet like-minded people to share knowledge, experience and thoughts on where the industry is headed. As a sponsor of 300 Spartans by SiGMA & AGS, Parimatch Affiliates is pleased to invite 20 top affiliates to take part in this unique event, covering all related costs. So, see you 14-18 NOVEMBER 2022, Malta.