BREAKING NEWS: Updated brand name and logo PMaffiliates

Hello, affiliate! 👋 We’ve got some cool news for you – we’re Parimatch Affiliates now!
Let’s face it, we’re currently undergoing a global rebranding of our affiliate program. Along the way, we’ve already changed our brand name and refreshed our logo.

No worries! High conversions, some of the best rates on the market, a well-established product, and an advanced support team with professional managers are still going strong.

Why ❔
It’s simple – we’ve decided to stay as close as possible to our 🔝 brand. And that means even more innovation, high-tech solutions, strength and energy of the Parimatch 💪 brand awaits you.

What’s next ❔
The changes will affect our website (both in terms of design and content and the affiliate personal account/platform mechanics). We’ll keep the rest a secret for now, but we promise that you’ll have an even steeper experience interacting with us.

Stay tuned for the latest news and updates!