Managing different types of fraud as invalid traffic

With an increasing number of ads the traffic arbitrage of gambling websites is generating as well. Some campaigns tend to use non-human resources to grow traffic and the target audience as a result. This position makes ad enterprises successful and popular in network marketing. This option of invalid traffic is suggested to be a fraud. Traffic pumpin is another invalid traffic source that is based on inflating the incoming calls and getting earnings on compensation fees. The influence of fraud can be negative on the online casino and harmful for affiliates.

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Definitions of fraud

The fraudulent traffic is created with the following issues:

The main idea of fraud is to create invalid traffic sources, so they seem to be quality traffic. As a result, the absence of an audience and potential customers influence the website with thrilling losses.

Main types of fraud in traffic arbitrage

The harm that can be caused directly to the gaming betting sites is determined as general invalid traffic (GIVT) and sophisticated invalid traffic (SIVT). GIVT is not suggested to be explained as a part of fraud because this traffic comes from bots via a virtual private network (VPN). In that case, it is less harmful than the fraud itself. This invalid data is easily filtered out.

Managing the invalid traffic

Fraudsters pretend using a mix of methods to deal without being detected. Mobile apps are their greatest purpose. They influence the industry with legitimate software tools and make them attempt invalid items. The proven human traffic is combined with bots sources, making them difficult to define. In that case, unqualified software tools are presented as premium applications.

Fraudulent human resources

Serious visible threat to traffic quality is made with SIVT that is considered to be the fraudulent traffic. To detect frauds you might use complicated techniques and, what’s more, the process is difficult itself. As a matter of fact, the methods for the fraudulent traffic are rather sophisticated. The thing is, that they are smoothly mixed with actual human traffic sources.

How to get earnings without fraud

There are plenty of proven methods that will obviously generate traffic arbitrage and make the website profitable:

You can also achieve more ideas, knowing that they are legitimate for sure, while the fraud methods are unfair and can influence the visible results of invalid traffic.

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Under the fast growing traffic with fraudsters, the harmful situation occurs. The number of target audience and potential customers are not increasing as it has to be predicted. The result is harmful for legitimate business affairs and influences the reputation of a proven enterprise.