Making money with affiliate marketing on YouTube in the gambling niche

Youtube is a world famous video hosting service that allows you to share your video content for free and make money on it. In the US, 95% of the adult population watches Youtube, and the global audience is over a billion users! ThiYoutube is suitable for beginners because it does not require any investment and special knowledge. This means that even if the advertising campaign does not bring profit, the webmaster will not incur losses, since all they invested was their time and effort. The platform also has its own content promotion algorithms, so if you make an engaging video, you can get traffic for free in the long term. There are no downsides in using YouTube as a source of shareware traffic, which means there is no reason not to try this source.


So then, how to make money on на YouTube via affiliate marketing in the gambling and betting verticals?

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What is YouTube Affiliate Marketing?

The main task of affiliate marketing is to attract new users or buyers for services and products. The partner receives money for each client who followed the link and made a purchase. In the gambling and betting verticals, there are many client actions that affiliates get rewards for, they aren’t limited to making a deposit. For example: a new user registering, topping up their balance, doing so for a specific amount, etc. 

These verticals are currently one of the most popular among webmasters, since they have some of the highest payouts in all of affiliate marketing. Bookmaker offices and casinos are actively migrating online and need a lot of traffic.

A website or online platform that a webmaster uses to attract new potential customers is the source of traffic.

YouTube replaces TV for most of the world’s population. Meaning, the main marketing strategy on this site is to attract new users via video clips.

There are several ways to drive traffic to affiliate links on Youtube:



These are the main genres of popular videos that the website’s users prefer. You can focus on one area and produce top-tier content. Just don’t forget to attach affiliate links in the video description and mention them in the video.

Gambling and betting affiliate programs are fine with YouTube traffic since it’s pretty relevant. Especially if we’re talking about gambling offers. It’s unlikely that people who watch videos about online casinos don’t have any interest in gambling to begin with. The same goes for sports bets, reviews of sports events or compilations of epic moments will interest first of all fans, who are easier to motivate to place a bet on their favorite team. 

How to start using Youtube for affiliate marketing in the betting or casino niche 

To launch a marketing campaign on Youtube, you must first get an account in an affiliate program. Make sure your affiliate program accepts shareware traffic from Youtube and discuss the details with your personal manager. For those who have not yet registered in an affiliate program, we recommend creating accounts in legit affiliate programs, with well-known betting or gambling offers. Famous brands always convert better since potential players have already heard about the offer and trust it. After the webmaster receives their affiliate links, they need to decide what sort of video content their channel will feature. It is also advisable to draw up a content plan for the month ahead and stick to it. This will help you enhance your discipline, and at initial stages, to promote videos using Youtube’s algorithms, you need to upload a lot of content.


How to make money with YouTube affiliate marketing?

There are two main models for YouTube affiliate marketing: paid and shareware.

Shareware promotion  can be profitable for both beginner and experienced affiliate marketers. Its big advantage is that even the most simple content will work fine. These can be simple self-made videos or sports clips taken from other videos. In order for Youtube’s algorithm to start promoting the channel, you need to post a lot of videos on relevant topics that will get at least a couple thousand views in the first day. The platform is also actively promoting its new format of short video clips – Shorts. This is a great time to get into it, since the competition in this format isn’t as stiff yet, and such videos are even easier to make than long ones.

The paid promotion model is suitable for experienced webmasters who can afford to lose their investment. It consists in promoting an offer or channel using paid ad campaigns. You can also place offers in the videos of famous bloggers and attract traffic to your affiliate link or pay them to promote your offer. Paid affiliate marketing strategies on YouTube are also suitable for offers that do not violate the platform’s policy, such as e-commerce, crypto offers, and other white-hat offers. Otherwise, the channel with prohibited content will be blocked and all funds spent on its promotion will be lost.

How-to Videos

Such videos can have clickbait titles and feature ways of making money on gambling and betting.  For example, you can post a video titled “How I Made $1,000 in a Week” and specify which matches your bet on. By the way, it’s easy to drive traffic from Youtube to other sources, and that’s where people will see your full-fledged blog (for example, in Telegram). That way, you don’t risk getting banned. 

Videos featuring ways to outplay the casino are a popular choice. Such traffic is called schematic and isn’t accepted by all advertisers, but regardless – such videos are quite popular among users. To run this kind of affiliate marketing on YouTube, you need to first get approval from your personal affiliate manager.

Professional and user reviews

Reviews are a very cool niche in that they inspire trust among subscribers. To build up your reputation, you need to do quality reviews on many different online casinos and betting services. If a potential player sees the entire registration process, the game itself or the moment of betting and withdrawing money, then they will have no reason to distrust the offer. Such content can attract large volumes of hot traffic – specifically, those looking to find out which casinos and BOs have the best conditions. 


The main feature of streams is that the webmaster must film themself and not all of them are willing to. As a last resort, you can hire a person for this role. Whatever the case, if the streamer is charismatic and captivating, such content will get millions of views. In confirmation of this, there are many channels where people just play slots in front of the camera with millions of views and subscribers. Such entertaining videos will attract non-targeted traffic as well, but they are easier to promote due to their viral nature.


Pros and cons of Youtube affiliate marketing

Each of these types of content can be very profitable. In order to make your choice, compare their strengths and weaknesses. It is important to decide on the affiliate program for Youtube, which will provide the best conditions and payments. Still, like any traffic source, Youtube has its own pros and cons:



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How much money can you make with Youtube affiliate marketing

YouTube affiliate marketing can make you hundreds of thousands of dollars. A small self-made channel can become a source of minor income. Later on, you can outsource all the main video-editing related activities and focus on growing additional channels that will also add to your profits. YouTube has a billion active users and each one can potentially increase your earnings by registering with the offer you’re promoting. 


Despite the fact that YouTube has been at the peak of its popularity for multiple years, it is a relatively new source of traffic for gambling and betting offers. So far, the costs of creating epic content and promoting it are comparable to marketing expenses in other sources. Still, the number of new users is growing every year, as is the income of bloggers from advertising. This means that YouTube can be regarded as a serious source of high-quality traffic in the long term. For starters, you can test out a few campaigns, with minimal investments. But in the short term, you can get a passive source of high-quality traffic that will effectively generate income for years.