India Affiliate Summit 2023


Affiliate marketing is a booming industry with huge potential for further growth. And if you want to succeed with your affiliate business, it requires your presence at various conferences and events. In fact, it is the easiest and most effective way for publishers, CEOs and affiliate marketers to build relationships with partners and keep abreast of the latest trends in this rapidly evolving niche. And India Affiliate Summit is one of the events not to be missed. What’s more, IA summit 2022 promises to be even bigger and more exciting than previous years, with a host of industry leaders conquering the Indian market. If you decide to attend IAS 2022, you can learn more about the best affiliate programs in India 2022 and the overall vision for the local market.


What is India Affiliate Summit?

First introduced to the world in 2015, IAS is a meeting platform for eminent personalities and influencers in the affiliate marketing industry. It is the place to learn about all the important events, news and new trends in affiliate marketing in India. In 2022, it will be a two-day event that provides an open forum to discuss various facets of the affiliate marketing market in general. Experts from various companies and networks will take the stage to share their insights, visions and ideas on how affiliate networks and digital marketing in general work today. There will be a sea of networking with panel discussions and opportunities to meet new people and their ideas. The IAS is an event with a level that grows literally every year. So, it is a must-attend for everyone in the digital marketing industry.


Partners at IA Summit 2023

So, the IAS is one of the biggest Indian affiliate marketing events of the year. It’s easy to see that by checking out the list of partners for the event:


This list is not exhaustive and includes several other outstanding names in affiliate marketing. Of particular note is Parimatch Affiliates, this year’s Platinum Partner and Badge Sponsor for IAS.


Exhibitors at IAS 2023

The list of exhibitors for the event is impressive and includes many well-established names:


The conference partners mentioned above, including Parimatch Affiliate Program, are also exhibitors.


Why Should You Attend the India Affiliate Summit?

As previously stated, IAS 2023 is a large-scale event that has attracted the attention of many industry leaders. There are several reasons why you should not miss this event:


So, if you are keen to learn, develop in your field, and become a leader, participating in IAS 2023 opens up virtually limitless opportunities for you.


Speakers at the Event

IAS promises to be a memorable event with many speakers who are talented and distinguished individuals. Shashank Rathore, Samriddh Dasgupta, Rupak Ved, Neha Kulwal, Vladyslav Vysotskyi and other opinion leaders will be speaking before you. You can get to know them better by visiting their social media profiles. One speaker who deserves a special mention during the conference part of the summit is Vladyslav Vysotskyi, Head of Affiliates (PMI). Parimatch Affiliates representatives said that there will be a prize draw on the stand, including an iPhone as a top prize. Then, after the first conference day, Parimatch Affiliates will hold a private party for its affiliates.



Indian Affiliate Summit 2023 is a major platform for provoking true knowledge, technology and best practice learning to improve affiliate performance and overall brand profitability. This exciting event has attracted a number of distinguished companies who are leaders in their respective niches. So, IAS 2023 is something you shouldn’t miss. See you September 14-15, 2023, New Delhi, India.