How to Use Pinterest for Gambling Affiliate Marketing

Finding reliable alternative traffic sources is a priority for webmasters of any level. Affiliate marketing often involves problems with traffic sources. To avoid this, it’s best to work with multiple unrelated sources and thus play it safe. Today we are going to talk about affiliate marketing in the popular social network Pinterest. This site is very popular in the USA and Europe. Pinterest can be used for marketing and you can make money from it.

What’s Pinterest and how does it work?

Pinterest was originally conceived as a social network where people could post notes with photos and links of items they recommended others to purchase. The company had to move away from its original idea, since Pinterest failed to become popular enough.

Then came a redesign, a desktop version of the social network was created and new features added. The updated Pinterest invited users to post various content on their boards and share it with others: articles, links, photos and videos. Initially, the social network gained ground among photographers and designers.

At the moment, 35% of Americans use Pinterest. The audience of the social network is comprised of 459 monthly active users. 40.8% of users are between the ages of 25 and 34. 87% bought a product after seeing it on Pinterest. 93% of users use this social network for shopping planning and 64% use Pinterest as a platform for finding inspiration and ideas, as well as products they can trust.

This data proves that affiliate marketing on Pinterest can deliver decent results. The advantage of social network users is that they are ready to spend money right on the site and make purchases there.

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Affiliate marketing in Pinterest

Like any social network, Pinterest is great for affiliate marketing. You can attract traffic using paid or shareware methods. Pinterest business accounts get the ability to launch campaigns through promoted pins that users will see in their feed.

Shareware traffic is attracted via a blog on Pinterest. To get affiliate marketing traffic, you need to place promotional materials in the form of pins. The social network independently promotes user content, so if you actively blog, you can receive views and reposts from other members.


Like any advertising platform, Pinterest has its pros and cons.








Despite the downsides, the main advantages of using Pinterest for affiliate marketing is that when you find a working bundle, the social network can generate large volumes of paying traffic. The best choice is to post affiliate links for offers for women and young people on Pinterest. The best converting verticals are eCommerce, nutra, gambling, betting and dating. 

How to launch an ad campaign on Pinterest

To use Pinterest for affiliate marketing, you’ll need multiple accounts and websites. You scale bundles by maintaining several accounts at once.

Users see all advertising materials via pins. There are 2 types of them:



In the first case, the pin will look something like “10 ways to make $1,000 in a month”. In the second – “making money online”. 

The first type has a good conversion rate if you want transitions to your website. The second is great for promoting your Pinterest profile, getting views and subscribers. The best option is to combine both variants.

Focusing solely on the first type of pins when starting out on Pinterest isn’t the best idea. What really works is a powerful call to action. This goes for both the image and the headline. You need something to hook users, something to make them click your pin. Video content generates the most views.

You farm accounts on Pinterest the same way you would in any other social network. When registering a business account, you’ll need to enter the company’s data, which no one actually verifies. You also need to prepare semantics for the most popular queries in the Pinterest search bar, you can also add queries from Google. After that, add pins with call to action images, titles and descriptions, which include the selected keywords. To enhance the promotion, keywords can also be used in the headlines of the board titles where the pins will be posted. Next, you need to post from 20 to 40 pins per day, as well as repost from 10 to 20 pins from other people’s boards.


Recommendations for beginner affiliates:



Later on, you can scale your Pinterest affiliate marketing activities as well as automate the process via auto-posting. 

What affiliate gambling products and programs to promote

You can promote gambling and betting offers through Pinterest. The social network does not have specific rules about ads for these verticals, however, some materials won’t pass moderation.

You can choose from 2 strategies when promoting gambling offers:



Pinterest lets you pick from 3 objectives:



When creating a campaign, you need to specify the audience your ads are targeting. Pinterest lets you target by sex, GEO, language and device type. You can specify the spots where your pins will be displayed: in the search or in users’ feeds. The first pins will only be displayed when people are deliberately looking for something, so for your first few campaigns, it’s best to not limit your audience and just leave all the placements be. 

Creating a campaign is pretty straightforward. And Pinterest’s promotion objectives let you get traffic not just for your website, but for your web view app as well. And that’s where you can place the promoted offer. 

The web view strategy is more expensive but can generate more traffic. The bundle looks similar to a Facebook one – promoting a white-hat app to have no problem with bans and mods. But in reality the user is sent to a gray-hat offer.


Affiliate marketing on Pinterest is no more difficult than other popular traffic sources. If a webmaster provides high-quality traffic in large volumes, the advertiser couldn’t care less where the traffic came from. Nevertheless, some gambling affiliate programs require you to notify your manager about any incoming shareware traffic.

Gambling affiliate programs on Pinterest

One of the best affiliate programs from the gambling and betting vertical is PMaffiliate.

First, PariMatch is one of the most famous betting brands in the world. The company constantly enters into new partnerships with the world’s top football clubs and athletes. Many iconic clubs such as Chelsea, Aston Villa, Brighton & Hove Albion, Southampton, Everton and Leicester City have already joined the brand.

The affiliate program has the highest payouts on the market and is also always ready to show loyalty and flexibility to its partners: payments within 2 weeks for most popular payments, RevShare rates + CPA, and other bonuses.

PariMatch Affiliate provides each partner with a personal manager who in turn provides maximum assistance: provides promo materials and apps, gives out tips on launching campaigns and traffic sources.

By the way, PMaffiliate works with shareware traffic sources, including traffic from Pinterest.

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Pinterest can and should be viewed as an alternative traffic source. At the moment, the social network is on the rise in popularity. It’s in the top 3 most popular social networks in the US and top 5 worldwide. A major advantage of using Pinterest for affiliate marketing is that the audience is solvent. Potential gamblers can be found among such users. There are also many potential users of betting services on the social network. Many people are used to shopping on Pinterest and don’t treat ads as solely a nuisance. You should use this opportunity before other affiliates squeeze up all the traffic and competition becomes fierce.