How to monetize mobile traffic when promoting betting offers?

The number of mobile users is 53% of the total number of people that access the Internet and is growing by 10% each year. Most of the new traffic comes from developing countries, computers are not always available there for economic reasons, and the Internet speed also leaves much to be desired. All the while, mobile traffic converts 40% better than its desktop counterpart. How to attract and monetize mobile traffic?

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What’s mobile traffic monetization and how can you make money on it?

Mobile affiliate marketing, in essence, is very similar to just regular AM. The webmaster launches an ad campaign or attracts mobile traffic in a shareware way and sells it to advertisers directly or through an affiliate program. The affiliates income is the difference between the cost of getting the traffic and whatever they sell it for.

There are paid and shareware options for acquiring mobile traffic.

You can buy mobile traffic by launching ad campaigns on specialized websites and networks. If you already have a user-generating resource: a channel, blog or website, you can place ads promoting the chosen product directly on them, effectively selling your traffic to the offer. This method is called shareware because while you don’t spend any money on attracting users per se, you still bear some expenses for maintaining the resource. 

Mobile traffic sources

The main sources of mobile traffic are:



Some of these sources are also effectively used in desktop affiliate marketing; in some cases, campaigns are launched to multiple device types simultaneously. But sources like push notifications, mobile apps, wap subscriptions, clickunder and popunder convert well specifically on mobile devices. These paid ad campaigns can be launched by registering with the appropriate networks that specialize in displaying these types of ads.

As for shareware traffic sources, the webmaster must negotiate displaying ads on a famous blog or Telegram channel. These are currently the most popular sources of traffic for betting and gambling offers. The second option is cheaper but more time-consuming – creating such a channel on your own. This can be a YouTube or Telegram channel with casino or sports events reviews and forecasts. For example, in many countries bloggers are popular players who gamble in various online casinos and show how much they win in them. Such blogs generate a large number of viewers and all the owner needs to do is mention an offer in their videos and provide an affiliate link to it.


Problems with monetizing mobile Internet traffic

There are many ways to monetize mobile traffic. But there are some peculiarities when working with phone users. Here are the main nuances that you should keep in mind:



Technically, this isn’t any harder than desktop affiliate marketing. Many affiliate programs assist their webmasters in launching ad campaigns. For example, they may provide ready-made mobile apps, creatives adapted to mobile devices or just provide a bunch of tips. The most effective traffic driving bundle is from Google UAC to mobile gambling and betting apps. It’s a lot easier to pass moderation with web-view apps, and it also works more organically on a mobile device. You also always have the option to additionally attract the user through push notifications. Here is an example of a successful case study using this source.

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How much can you earn on mobile traffic

In June 2021, a Google UAC campaign was launched on a web view application in Ukraine. The promoted offer was the Parimatch betting service. Web view apps easily pass moderation since the bot is shown a white-hat app while the real user sees an app that invites them to register with a bookmaker’s office. The creatives used featured upcoming European Football Championship matches and mentioned famous players and popular teams. The campaign was launched on June 1 and stopped on July 11. During this time, 187 Google Ads accounts were used, most often they lasted from 1 to 3 days which allowed for $250 to be spent on ads. The total expenses for the campaign amounter to $35,600. The team has its own farm department, whose job it is to create and warm up accounts, so this cost was not included in the total figure. Total revenue – $75,350. Profit – $39,750. ROI 189%