How to Make Money as Online Sports Betting Affiliate?


Thanks to the development of the internet, online sports betting has become a huge industry with a multi-billion-dollar annual turnover. There is nothing easier than going to a sportsbook website, selecting a sporting event that appeals to you and placing a bet from the many options on offer – it’s straightforward, fast and you do not need to leave your home. Furthermore, the pandemic has changed our habits and now even more people prefer to gamble and bet on sporting events right from the comfort of their homes and even on the go. As a result, the global web is now literally crammed with various gambling and betting websites vying for literally every user. They use different marketing strategies to increase their user base, and the sportsbook affiliate program is still one of the strategic sources of traffic.


Becoming an affiliate today is about as easy as joining a website – just sign up, get the marketing tools and drive traffic to the betting product. However, being not just another member of a sports betting affiliate program, but a successful affiliate, takes a lot of effort. In this fast-paced and volatile environment, there is no one perfect formula for how to succeed. However, the best advice you may get is to start with choosing the right affiliate program. Read on to find out what an affiliate program is and how to make money as a sports betting affiliate.


How Does Sports Betting Affiliate Marketing Work?

How sports betting affiliate marketing works?

The main purpose of an affiliate program is to entice new relevant users to click on an affiliate link and thereby move to a sports betting platform. Each such link is tied to a betting platform. In other words, as soon as a user clicks on your link, the sportsbook will receive appropriate notification. There is a special counter which shows the number of clicks performed through your affiliate link. It also takes into account the number of deposits and other targeted actions performed by the users referred to the platform by you. It is important for a sportsbook to have your users perform the targeted actions, and it is their number that will determine your profits within the sports betting affiliate program.


Benefits and Features of Sports Affiliate Marketing

Sports betting affiliate marketing - features and advantages

Before we look at the benefits of betting and gambling affiliate programs, let’s look at how it works based on the example of the Parimatch sportsbook. Parimatch has an affiliate program called Parimatch Affiliates which provides unique links to its affiliates. The latter are placing these links on blogs, landing pages, and other websites along with the copy that will attract potential Parimatch users. Each time an affiliate link is triggered (a new person clicks on the link, joins Parimatch and makes a deposit), the affiliate receives a portion of the sportsbook’s profits. That being said, let’s take a look at the key benefits of sports book affiliate programs:

However, keep in mind that a sports betting affiliate program is not an overnight earning scheme. You have to be able to find sources of high-conversion traffic, establish relationships with people and be aware of all the features of the product being promoted and the niche it operates in.


How to Become a Gambling or Betting Affiliate?

How to become a betting & gambling partner

Becoming an affiliate marketer is much more complicated than just getting an affiliate link and asking people to click on it. You need to design an effective marketing campaign to get tangible results. Here are a few steps you need to follow in order to succeed as a gambling/betting affiliate.


Website or Blog for Content and Creatives

So, you need a platform where you can post content that is useful to potential users of the product you are promoting. You can create a website or a blog on your own. Alternatively, you can ask an IT professional to do it for you. Nowadays, there are many website builders and ready-made platforms like WordPress, with which you can create a good blog without spending much time and money.


Capitalizing on Social Media Marketing

Since creating and maintaining a social profile is in most cases free, you can limit yourself to social media platforms. However, keep in mind that your strategy focused solely on social media is bound to fail. And that’s why we put the creation of a website/blog in the first place. However, social media can be a great asset for betting affiliates, and here are some tips on how you can benefit from social channels:


Finally, keep in mind that gambling/betting content is not acceptable in all countries, so keep this in mind when developing your social media marketing strategy.


Create Your Own Content

Working with affiliate programs like Parimatch Affiliates has many advantages, including the fact that you will have access to ready-made marketing materials. However, to succeed as an affiliate, you need to create your own copy. When developing content, keep the product and audience in mind. For example, you could write an article with tips on how to become a better roulette player or how to manage your betting budget properly. Alternatively, you could write a guide on choosing the right sportsbook platform, encouraging the reader to choose the website you are promoting. There are plenty of options, but creativity is welcome. Most importantly, try to make your content relevant and useful to your audience.


Focus on Your Website SEO

To make your website stand out on the internet, you need to select relevant keyword phrases to build a base of relevant ones for your subject matter. However, SEO is not just a job of creating a semantic core. You also need to work on the design, ensure your site is mobile compatible, optimize page load speed and also do some link building to get your site ranked highly by search engines.


Choose the Right Sports Betting Affiliate Program

You have two options to choose from – join an affiliate program like Parimatch Affiliates
or become an affiliate network member. The main difference is that a sportsbook affiliate program promotes a specific product of a specific brand, whereas an affiliate network promotes multiple products (often even brands competing with each other). In addition, an affiliate program offers higher commissions, although it has higher requirements for affiliates. Research all the features of programs and networks to make the right choice (depending on your current level and experience).


Analyze Your Affiliate Activity and Make Required Adjustments

Examine the results and proceed

You can only judge the effectiveness of something if you have the right metrics – find and apply them to evaluate the results. As sports affiliate marketing is a constantly evolving field, you need to keep up to date to remain competitive and effective. Ultimately, by analyzing your performance, you will be able to create effective strategies for your marketing campaigns.


Closing Thoughts

Nowadays, many gambling affiliates and betting affiliates are successful entrepreneurs making good profits by driving traffic to promoted platforms. With the right approach to your activities, you can achieve meaningful results. To do this, run and promote your website, take advantage of social media as well as develop and publish engaging content in a timely manner.