How to Improve Conversions for Gambling Ads on Facebook

So, you have a betting or gambling project that needs fresh traffic. However, you’ve realized that standard awareness campaigns are no longer yielding the results you were looking for. With some research, you may find that paid social media can be a good source of traffic with a high conversion rate. Among the many social media platforms available on the market, Facebook gambling Ads for conversions is the number one choice for many.

Although using conversions gambling ads Facebook may be the fastest way to make money and scale your business by attracting a huge number of new users, however, it does not work as easy as if you deposit $10 in the hope of getting $1,000 tomorrow. Many gambling/betting businesses have problems with their adverts quickly becoming outdated and not complying with all the licenses and laws of Facebook and some countries. In order to get the desired results with Facebook Conversions Ads, you need to set up your campaigns properly. We’re here to tell you what Facebook Conversion Ads are, how to run your social media campaign and optimize it for the highest conversions.

What are Facebook Conversion Ads?

Facebook is a popular social network with millions of engaged users worldwide. And this social media can be used not only for entertainment purposes but also to promote products and services as well as increase brand awareness. Facebook offers a powerful advertising tool to help achieve significant improvements in key business indicators. Statistics show that the average conversion rate for Facebook ads is almost 5% higher than that of Google Search. Whether your goal is to increase sales, encourage people to watch videos, or any other type of promotion for your business, Facebook ads drive many users to take the targeted action.

What is Average Conversion Rate for Facebook Ads?

So, if you are wondering what are conversions in Facebook Ads, the average across all industries is over 9.20%. That’s quite a high rate, more than double that of search giants like Google. What’s more, Facebook offers unique ad formats as well as additional targeting options to optimize conversions. In addition, wondering how to track Facebook ads conversions, you can use the tools available in the Ads Manager.

How to Run a Gambling Conversion Ad on Facebook

When promoting online casinos (online gambling platforms), marketers most often rely on colorful slots as these gambling games are the most popular. Considering the nature of gambling games, there are two marketing tools that have proven to be the most effective. Firstly, playable ads that make it easy to present casino games in the best possible light. Secondly, video advertising is a way to show how profitable gambling machines can be by proving big winnings. However, as practice shows, Collective ads are not a suitable tool to promote gambling projects despite the overall conversion rate and its acceptable cost.

Decide What You Want to Optimize for

Before you use conversions Facebook gambling ads, you must decide on the reach. To be successful with Facebook conversions ads, you need to select the right interests and accurately target your audience. Statistics show that about 60 million Facebook users are interested in gambling in some way, so you have a potentially huge audience. However, before you start, you need to consider a few important factors:

To further optimize Facebook ads for conversions, you can analyze your competitors’ audiences and even set up targeting for them. Simply find the most relevant Facebook pages and use them to target your ads. Below in this post, we will also give some tips on how to optimize Facebook gambling ads for conversions.

Before you move on to the next step, it’s time to familiarize yourself with the handy Ads Manager tool available directly in your Facebook account. Unlike traditional traffic exchangers such as Google Ads, Ads Manager provides a more flexible way to set up your audience and offers a number of features, including an ad and audience configuration interface, campaign editing, dynamic creatives, budget management, A/B testing, analytics, and more. A great feature of Ads Manager is that it is completely free.

Choose the Conversions Objective

The cornerstone of any advertising campaign, the advertising objective is where you need to start in order to set the right targets you want to achieve. Go to the Ads Manager and you’ll see the Marketing Objectives table where you’ll find your option (in this case it’s Conversions). Keep in mind that the structure of the campaign depends on the objective you choose.

Choose the Events You Want to Track

Using the Facebook Events Manager, you can choose between several standard events that Facebook will track. However, with a recent update, you now have the option to optimize and track custom events without having to create a custom conversion. However, in order to use this feature, you need to install the Facebook pixel (special code) on your website. So, some user behavior on gambling websites may not be recognized by Facebook for tracking and optimization purposes. However, you can define custom events by adding custom code so the platform can track such events.

Enable the Dynamic Creative Feature

In advertising campaigns, to be most effective, you need to use the creatives that resonate best with your audience. Dynamic Creative was introduced to enable advertisers to use different variations of their creative that are tailored to specific audience segments automatically. This tool supports basic content types used in Facebook Ads including images, titles, descriptions, videos, and more. With dynamic creative features, you are able to generate optimized combinations based on available ad content options. Dynamic creatives are well proven in conversion campaigns, making them a great option for promoting gambling products.

Complete the Ad Creation Process

Without the dynamic creative feature, previously you had to create several campaigns manually and test different ads one by one. With this innovation, your audience will receive only the best combination of ads selected automatically by a smart algorithm. While targeting, placement, delivery, and optimization are already set up, you only need to decide on your advertising budget. In Budget & Schedule, select the amount you are willing to spend daily on ad appearances and complete the setup.

How to Track Facebook Ad Conversions

So, you’ve already narrowed down your audience and created cool ads using Facebook tools. Now, it’s time to launch your campaign and optimize Facebook ads for conversions. To do this, you need to track conversions, because not knowing how successful your campaign is like being blindfolded. By tracking your ads, you’ll be able to see how certain marketing materials fit into your campaign. With the tracking tools available, you can find out the total number of conversions, which ads are performing best, and how much money you’re making per conversion.

How to Track Conversions in Facebook Ads Using Ads Manager

Ads Manager is a free tool that allows you to track the number of conversions as a result of viewing your ads. Simply select campaigns, ad groups, or ads, go to Columns, and use the “Customize columns” feature to check the boxes next to the actions you are interested in. You can view the result on the spot or generate a report. As more and more Facebook users are using mobile devices, the Ads Manager also takes into account from which device a conversion has been made.

Tips on How to Increase Conversions on Facebook Ads

Like any gambling business owner, you wonder how to get more conversions on Facebook ads. As mentioned above, there are several challenges facing gambling ads on Facebook: legal issues (gambling is illegal in some countries) and the dynamic nature of the industry (many ads are quickly made obsolete). While Facebook has frowned upon gambling ads on its platform, it has recently allowed ads to be shown in countries where online gambling is legal. So, now that the legal aspect is clear, here are some tips to help you optimize your ads for conversions:

Advertising for gambling projects on Facebook – with the need to constantly change marketing materials and adapt to local laws – is not an easy topic to talk about. You need to look at hyper-personalized and contextualized applications and hire a marketing team to succeed. However, given the amount of traffic Facebook is able to generate, your investment in ads could be well worth it.