As competition in the iGaming market continues to gain momentum, affiliate marketers are looking for new sources of traffic to promote betting and gambling products more effectively. Recently, a real breakthrough has been gambling traffic from UAC, Google’s paid advertising channel for mobile app promotion. As an increasing number of gamblers prefer to gamble right on the go, the share of mobile traffic has become significant and can no longer be ignored. Although Google UAC has shown itself to be not the most sustainable platform, it is capable of generating good profits for the gambling business. There are some features and nuances of UAC that you should be aware of before you launch your first Google UAC campaign.

Getting Started

Before we jump into how to get gambling traffic, it’s worth explaining what is Google UAC. It’s basically an acronym that stands for Universal App Campaigns. UAC is an advertising platform for mobile apps that displays ads on YouTube, Google Play and the aggregator partners’ websites. The key advantage of UAC is the huge amount of traffic it offers. Moreover, UAC uses machine learning algorithms to analyze its audience and find out which users are most suitable for displaying ads. On the downside, this advertising platform does not support stop words and flexible targeting. Also, the learning process can be quite time-consuming. Despite this, you should try traffic arbitrage with Google UAC as the platform covers a huge audience.

To work with UAC, you need a boosted account, i.e. one created a relatively long time ago with a substantial amount of money spent on advertising. If you have not yet run ads from your account, select non-banned Google promotional products and run ads. It is highly discouraged if you add a large amount of money to your account because Google wants to ensure fair competition. So, if you have a new account, it will take some time and effort to prepare it for UAC ad campaigns. Alternatively, you can buy a ready-made account but beware of scammers.

Promotional Materials

Using UAC, to get good income from traffic, you need as much promotional material (creatives) as possible. Use text content, images and videos to generate audience interest. Videos have proven to be the most effective, so focus on video content in popular formats (16:9, 9:16, 2:3 and 1:1). When creating content, don’t use words strongly associated with gambling to avoid being banned by Google.

Mobile Applications

As a casino partner, you can get a ready-made, full-featured application from the affiliate program you are working with. If you have programming skills, you can create the app from scratch. Keep in mind that your app must be added to the app stores of popular mobile platforms – App Store or/and Google Play.

Payment Tools

To benefit from UAC advertising, you need to enable the payment option first. Both prepaid and postpaid options are available to you. In the case of postpaid, you will be able to top up your account balance after you have debited it. It is also possible to get a Google Virtual Card to simplify many things.


As a gambling partner, you will not be able to get analytics from UAC, so a tracker is required. There are some powerful trackers that provide tons of analytics, including conversion rates, feedback, audience behavioural patterns, and more. You won’t be able to assess the effectiveness of an ad campaign without analytics, which could result in a meaningless waste of your advertising budget. So, connect a tracker like Firebase or AppsFlyer to get a complete picture of how your campaigns are performing.

Campaign Set-up

If you are a gambling or betting partner, to run a UAC campaign, you need to go to Google Ads, create a new campaign and select the App Ads option. In the campaign settings, you will find several options including GEO, TA language, Daily Budget, etc. There are not a lot of settings here as the platform is automated and set up to bring you the best results.


H3: Payment Model

The payment model is determined by the campaign subtype. You can get paid per app installation (CPI), per app interaction (CPA) or per pre-registration (only available for Android apps). Initially, it is better to choose CPI because, during the first few days, ads may be shown to uninterested audiences. When CPI decreases, you can switch to the CPA payment model.

Selecting an OS

Since the days of Microsoft’s mobile operating system are long gone and there are no new up-and-coming players on the market, you will have to choose between iOS and Android. To get a package, ask the account manager.

GEO and Language

In this step, you need to select the region where you will promote the gambling product. If your desired country is not on the list, select the Specify another location option. You should also select a language from the list of available ones. We recommend choosing all of them to reach the widest possible audience. Finally set the daily budget and bid to finish setting up the campaign.

Final Words

So, UAC Google could be an excellent solution for the promotion of mobile gambling products, as the search engine has a large audience. Notably, UAC is an automated platform using machine learning algorithms, so each campaign launch will be different even if the settings are the same. As UAC does not provide analytics, you will need a tracker to have an idea of the effectiveness of your campaigns. Finally, with a trusted account and without violating Google’s policies, you can attract tons of traffic daily generating good profits.