How to become an online betting partner in 2021-2022

The market for online betting services is growing at an incredible pace. Despite many sporting events getting cancelled in 2020, the bookmaker industry has doubled its revenues from $7 billion in 2019 to $14 billion. The increase in profits was facilitated by the development of esports betting, which attracts more and more viewers every year.


The new audience of bookmakers is young people from 18 to 35 years old who prefer online products, as well as ad campaigns on the Internet and social networks. Affiliate marketing teams and private affiliate betting partners help bookmakers attract new clients. The development of a variety of online marketing tools and the area becoming significantly more simple, any competent PC user can engage in this activity. A lot of free information is available on the Internet to be studied by any user. That includes this article, from which you can learn how to become an online marketer and make money on it in 2021-2022.

How to Make Money on Betting Affiliate Programs

Sports betting affiliate programs pay rewards  to webmasters for attracting clients. And the webmasters launch ad campaigns at their own expense and bear all the risks themselves. With the proper organization of work, their possible income is practically unlimited. Profitable bundles can be scaled and milked infinitely as long as there is enough funds. Since the most profitable bundles are more complex in execution, webmasters started to unite into teams. Now it works like a full-fledged business.


Affiliate platforms are the link between webmasters and advertisers. Betting and gambling companies work directly only with large affiliate teams that can provide large volumes of high-quality traffic. All other webmasters work with bookmaker affiliate programs. A huge advantage for an affiliate of any level is that the affiliate program takes on most of the organizational issues. Now it is essentially a universal platform, by registering on which a webmaster gets free access to stat trackers, promo materials, free educational content, cool bonus programs and the community as a whole. Not to mention the fact that the solution of issues with payments, receiving honest feedback on the quality of traffic, the support of a personal manager is also guaranteed by the affiliate program.

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Commission plans for betting affiliate programs

The main models for paying commissions to webmasters are:



With the CPA model, the affiliate receives a payment for the player performing the target action: registration, first deposit, repeated deposits.

With Revenue Share, the advertiser provides the affiliate with a cut of the profit (and sometimes the expenses too) made off the attracted client.

Hybrid is a combination of the 2.


If Revenue Share and Hybrid are more suitable for experienced affiliate marketers who provide the highest quality traffic, then a person with minimal experience in online marketing should opt for the CPA model.


On average, the Revenue Share model pays from 25% to 50% of the player’s losses. A bump in the rate depends on the volume of traffic provided and the quality of work in general.


Here are some examples of commission payments of popular bookmaker affiliates using the CPA model:


Pari Match – first deposit up to $65;

Cyber Ber – first deposit up to $50;

Pin Up Partners – first deposit up to $50;

Most Ber Partners – first deposit up to $75;


Affiliate statistics, reports and payouts

Here are some interesting facts to help illustrate the scale of the affiliate marketing business:



As you can see from the numbers, the betting industry of the affiliate business is actively moving forward and has no intention of stopping, so now is the perfect time to launch your first ad campaign.


How to become a betting partner

In order to start cooperating with a betting service, you just need to register in its affiliate program and choose an offer to promote.

Best to start working with well-known affiliate programs that have been on the market for a long time. Unfortunately, cases of fraud have become more frequent: an unknown affiliate program attracts webmasters with really attractive conditions, collects large volumes of traffic, receives payments for them and disappears.


Moreover, large affiliate programs have such advantages as: free promo materials and web view applications, exclusive offers, bonus programs and contests, and round-the-clock support. In fact, the larger the affiliate program, the more turnover and profit it has, which means it can afford better offers and higher payments. Also, large affiliate programs divide offers by NBA, NFL and other well-known leagues.


Key points to consider when choosing an affiliate offer

Major betting and gambling services launch their own affiliate programs, by registering in which you can only promote the offers of these brands. There are also aggregator affiliate networks that combine many different offers.


First of all, a webmaster needs to decide on the source of betting traffic with which they will work and the GEO. It’s better to start with shareware sources and countries with a familiar language and mentality. You also need to take into account that traffic from Tier 1 countries is always more expensive, so testing will eat up more cash. On the other hand, users from Europe, Scandinavia, the USA and Canada are the ones you get the highest payments for. The strategy for choosing an offer is similar to an investment strategy: you can choose a more risky and profitable tactic, or a less risky, but also less profitable one.


Betting brands that are promoting themselves in the sports world on their own are also the ones that convert the best. For example, if a bookmaker service enters into partnership contracts with popular sports teams and is also a sponsor of major world events, naturally such a brand will be well-known by the fans. Due to the fact that the brand is constantly catching the fans’ eye, it is more likely that potential players will register on that particular service. This increases not only popularity, but also user-confidence, because in some countries sports betting is prohibited and there is propaganda against such forms of entertainment.


Unfortunately, among betting and gambling services there are many fraudulent companies that take money from people under the guise of entertainment. At first, everything works as usual, problems start when the client asks for their winnings. This opportunity is limited to them in every possible way, under the guise of additional verifications, banking restrictions, etc. This lowers the confidence in betting services in general among the population of any country.

Which is why more than 45% of players check whether the betting service has a license. It also increases the credibility of the brand and proves its transparency and honesty. Therefore, it is better to choose gambling affiliate programs that work with well-known brands.


Traffic Sources for Betting Affiliate Programs

The most important factor affecting the quality of traffic and cost for it are the sources. They can be paid and shareware. Paid sources are the ones where ad campaigns are launched for money. Shareware sources are the ones where you can attract users through free content. However, even a free ad campaign will require an investment to scale. For example, you will have to outsource the production of content, acquire new accounts, maintain multiple resources at the same time and doing all that by yourself is impossible.


As such, the main shareware traffic sources include:



And also any other resources where you can start attracting users for free.

The most popular paid sources in traffic arbitrage for betting are:



Target audience

The main target audience of betting services is men aged 18 to 45, although many women also gamble in countries such as Australia and Canada.


Nevertheless, attracting female traffic should be discussed separately with your manager, since these are not very stable clients. The main target audience in the world is people with average and above average incomes. The most relevant audience is, of course, fans and sports-enthusiasts. Although event advertising campaigns manage to attract people who are far from the world of sports. For example, the World and European Football Championships, as well as MMA fights with star fighters, are watched by an entirely different audience. This is when you should launch ad campaigns aimed at a large audience attracting people with the chance of winning cash.

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The gambling and betting industry will continue to develop with the spread of the Internet and mobile devices. When choosing between the top-income affiliate marketing niches, then it’s easier to start with betting for several reasons. First, advertising betting services is not prohibited in many countries and on most advertising platforms. Second, you can launch event campaigns that will attract additional traffic due to the high-profile of the events themselves. In betting affiliate marketing, you can also build up a source of passive income through RevShare commissions. The betting industry will never dry out, meaning there will always be a way to earn money from sports events, esports are replacing classic sports. As the recent Dota 2 and CS:GO championships show, the budgets of these events are in no way inferior to the most popular leagues.