How much can you make on affiliate CPA marketing?

Affiliate marketing is one of the most lucrative ways to make money on the internet. Nevertheless, this business has its own twists and turns: fierce competition, a growing entry threshold and constantly changing algorithms of advertising platforms. What is a CPA offer and how to start making money on affiliate marketing and turn this activity into a steady source of income?

How does CPA work?

To understand CPA marketing and the potential money you can make with it, let’s figure out the definition of this niche. Cost per action marketing – payment of a commission for the promotion of a product or service. When offering other people to promote their product, the advertiser identifies a target action the attracted client must perform for the webmaster to get their payout. The advertiser usually determines the price, the type of promotion and the conditions under which the traffic is converted into leads and places the offer in a CPA gambling or betting affiliate program. The rest of the promotion strategy is up to the affiliate. The latter also invests into the ad campaign and bears all the risks. From this point of view, CPA affiliate marketing can be considered as a semi-passive source of income.


Of course, the most profitable promotion strategies require constant work and management. Otherwise, the partner runs the risk of going into the red – something they won’t be compensated for. However there are specific traffic sources with which you can work in a more relaxed mode, outsourcing the bulk of the work. For example, SEO promotion or promoting white-hat goods and services.

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Advantages of CPA affiliate marketing

The main advantage of this business is that the online marketer isn’t tied to anything in their work. CPA profits depend directly on stable Internet and the volume of funds invested in their ad campaigns, as well as the webmaster’s experience. The main risk is to lose your investment due to an unsuccessful ad campaign, all other problems can be resolved.

If an advertising platform changes its policy towards a GEO or the offers it promotes, you can always just swap the GEO or the traffic source, or both. If the offer’s brand burns out, go ahead and look for a new one. Same goes for traffic sources: old stable traffic sources can dry up, with new ones appearing to take their place.

The main advantage is that you can work from anywhere on the planet, since affiliates are not tied to any specific location. Payments can also be received in any convenient way.

How do you get paid in affiliate marketing?

There are several main models used for paying webmasters. Let’s go over them in more detail:



At first, most CPA affiliate programs will offer you work through the CPA model – that’s how they check your traffic quality. Later on, provided that your traffic is high-quality, you can move on to other more complicated payout models. You need to understand that working via the Revenue Share model will require more relevant traffic.


For example, a person may register with a casino out of curiosity. But that doesn’t guarantee that they will keep gambling and generating profit. At the same time, there are potential players who are looking for information about where you can win more, such people are exactly what casinos are looking for. Knowing how to target this specific audience is what an experienced affiliate should know how to do.


Also keep in mind that the casino incurs losses by paying you CPA rewards for clients that registered and didn’t keep playing. That’s why gambling advertisers check incoming traffic and estimate how much profit it can bring in the future.

In order to make sure the webmaster has no reason to drive low-quality or fraudulent traffic, the advertiser has holds and baselines. A hold is a delay in payment to allow the traffic to be checked, usually it’s between 14 to 30 days. A baseline is the minimum amount that a new client must deposit in order for the target action to count as completed and the webmaster to get paid. This way the casino insures itself against the purchase of non-target traffic and motivates affiliates to work honestly.


On the other hand, if you work efficiently and keep scaling, advertisers are always ready to offer exclusive conditions. For example, increased pay rates, exclusive CPA offers, and any aspect of a profitable partnership.


How to pick a cpa gambling affiliate program

Casino and betting services are one of the most lucrative niches in affiliate marketing. First, many actual casinos have migrated online. Second, online gambling is illegal in some countries, but it’s quite a challenge to make sure no one breaks that rule using their phone. This feature provides a constant influx of new traffic. The same goes for sports bets – those who placed bets offline will prefer a more convenient mobile service. For new players, online betting services are the easiest way to enter the industry.

Many cool CPA offers can be found in the Parimatch Affiliates affiliate program.

As we mentioned above, working via the CPA model is suitable for beginner affiliates. It’s easy to set up ad campaigns that focus on the usual CPA target actions. But large experienced teams also work through CPA. The advantages of the CPA model are fast payments, which means that investments will return faster and you will be able to launch new campaigns faster.

Will affiliate marketing stay profitable in 2022?

Affiliate marketing has been profitable for as long as the internet has been around. With the emergence of many gambling making money with CPA offers has become even easier. This is exactly how much it takes to provide the rest of humanity with the Internet. Currently, the supply can’t keep up with the volume of new traffic (in other words – demand). That is why IT companies in all industries make such profits and are most valued on the stock market. But the supply is also catching up: new services appear, already known ones conquer new countries. Enormous volumes of traffic are needed to develop and promote new products. So how long do you think affiliate marketing will remain profitable?

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It’s never too late to start making money on casino and betting affiliate programs and is bound to remain profitable in the coming decade. But every year the threshold for entering this industry is getting higher. A few years ago, all the expenses amounted to just the cost of the ads themselves. Now, to launch a campaign for gambling and betting offers you need an entire arsenal – accounts, cloaking, web-view apps, quality creatives, domains – all that requires investments. Moreover, the Internet is filled with theoretical info. To get an idea whether your marketing strategy is viable, you need to launch your first ad campaign and affiliate programs like Parimatch Affiliates let you do just that.