Football Betting Affiliate Program Parimatch Affiliates

Having started its journey 26 years ago in Ukraine, Parimatch is now a major legal betting company with business spreading to many countries around the world. Since moving online, Parimatch has expanded its betting offerings, but football is still at the heart of it all. As the most spectacular and dynamic sport, soccer not only packs full stadiums and draws millions of viewers to TV screens, it is also the most popular option for betting enthusiasts. As the betting platform market is booming today, there are many websites competing with each other. In order to promote their products and expand their business, Parimatch has launched affiliate programs in a variety of areas with football betting affiliate program being the most promising one.

Parimatch Affiliates is the official affiliate program of Parimatch. Over the years, Parimatch Affiliates has attracted tons of traffic to the betting platform and continues to do so for the benefit of the bookmaker’s business. Parimatch Affiliates offers lucrative terms for affiliate marketers, attracting traffic and generating solid profits. By becoming an affiliate, you will start advertising campaigns, find interested players and get a share of the bookie’s profits. Since soccer is one of the most promising areas in sports betting, Parimatch affiliates is appealing to many football betting affiliates. We’re here to tell you all the important details about Parimatch Affiliates and how you can start making money by signing up to the football affiliate program.


Benefits of Football Betting Affiliate Program Parimatch Affiliates

bet on football affiliate program

One of the main advantages of working with Parimatch Affiliates is that they are official affiliate program of Parimatch, a major bookmaker of international renown. With over 26 years on the market, Parimatch boasts a host of ambassadors and partners, including big names such as Juventus, Chelsea. As with any other betting platform, the affiliate marketing for Parimatch Affiliates consists of 4 important things: marketers, the merchant business (bookmaker Parimatch), the network, and the users (clients). By working through the betting affiliate program, you will use various marketing techniques to attract paying football bettors and earn commissions for your work. So, here are some of the benefits of partnering with Parimatch Affiliates:


As the market continues to grow, the benefits of affiliate marketing are becoming increasingly apparent to many, and Parimatch Affiliates is ready to provide the best conditions for every interested affiliate.


How Does It Work?

As an affiliate marketer with Parimatch Affiliates, you will find people interested in sports betting and try to attract their attention to Parimatch products to eventually make them customers of the betting platform. From organic traffic, to websites, search engines, video hosting platforms and social media, you have a lot of places to find your target audience. So, by promoting a betting product and bringing in sales, you will make a profit. Parimatch Affiliates offers several payout schemes to choose from:


Importantly, the affiliate program will provide you with all the materials and tools you need, including creatives, apps and landing pages.


Sign Up

To get started with Parimatch Affiliates, simply go to the affiliate program website and click the Registration button. In the form that opens provide some personal information including name, email address, phone number, and a strong password. Also specify the traffic source and the GEO you are working with. Accept the terms and conditions by checking the appropriate box and click Sign Up to complete your registration.


Get Links

To generate a link, log in to the affiliate program website and go to the Get Your Link section. Here you will be able to select the deal type, set up an advertising banner, and get the link by clicking on the appropriate button. Alternatively, you can request a link from your manager.



Parimatch Affiliates has a large FAQ section with answers to most questions of concern. You can also contact support via email or Skype. Parimatch Affiliates always takes the side of its affiliates in resolving disputes.


Final Words

Parimatch Affiliates can be a great option for publishers wishing to earn profit from a football betting affiliate program. The network offers many useful tools and materials, lucrative payout schemes, and plenty of benefits and rewards for the most effective affiliates. Last but not least, Parimatch Affiliates is backed by a reliable bookmaker that is well advertised and always on the radar of many betting enthusiasts.