Facebook Ads as one of the TOP sources in arbitrage

There are many traffic sources that is possible to use to advertise. One of them is Facebook. Facebook traffic arbitrage is controversial because this network is in some ways more complex than others.

On FB, it is possible to get traffic by using both white and gray methods.

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How to promote Parimatch Affiliates offers on Facebook?

We offer to consider effective methods of driving traffic to Facebook:

The most effective ways of traffic arbitrage in a social network are:

All this methods bring good results.

Offer selection rules

It is recommended to choose the most popular product from the list of offers. It is also possible to choose GEO.

Also, each casino affiliate program has a list of «top offers». The task of gambling affiliate programs is to select a product where the decision to buy is made quickly and is conditioned by an emotional outburst or «wow effect» that solves the urgent problem of the majority of the population. Offers (goods) that solve the main problems will be sold the best.

Tips for testing offers

Through testing, it is possible to try out different ad options to see which one will appeal an audience or will bring the best results.

To increasing the testing efficiency think about follows:

Targeted Facebook Ads

This is an official targeted ad. On the plus side, these are more accurate audience settings, i.e. it is possible to choose age, interests, being in certain communities and many other settings. Of the minuses for some niches, there will be quite expensive clicks, and ad offices are often banned or not allowed ads.

Problems posting your Facebook ad

If the ad has not been moderated, then the creatives do not comply with the rules for advertising.

If it was moderated and the shows did not start, then most likely there are errors in the display settings.

FB maintains legal compliance and provides high quality content to keep users from leaving the social network. But sometimes shows don’t start even after successful moderation. Then the reason is most likely due to incorrect ad settings.

Audience parsing

While looking for an audience, it is possible to configure the following settings:

Using Facebook to drain traffic in the gambling and betting niche

It is possible to drive traffic in the gambling and betting niche through Facebook, but you need to read a few nuances. First, it will effectively work with publics. The main thing in this direction is to choose the right topic. It is better that these are groups with a solvent and adult audience. Ideally, if the target audience is interested in sports, betting and all sorts of gambling entertainment.

Secondly, it is very important to check the target audience. Especially on the factor of the presence of bots, which are often found as extras. Then feel free to write to the group administrator. Agree on time and price. This is the whole point of the easy way. If you find a good enough public for such manipulations, then you can cooperate on an ongoing basis.

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Pros and cons of Facebook Ads

It is important to note that it is inexpensive. In fact, in comparison with other Internet ads sources Facebook ads have the most affordable price per 1,000 showings. Unfortunately, even though FB does offer ads, their approach is chosen most often by those who pay for viewing content.

Facebook allows micro–addressing to special groups. This is a significant advantage, as it is possible to choose the audience, ranging from location, age, employment, ending with gender, annual income, marital status and hobbies.

Nobody will see content more than you pay for it.


So, Facebook ads arbitrage is a wonderful tool for driving traffic, but use it wisely and stick to more «white» methods.