What is traffic approval, why they can cut traffic in arbitration?

The term approval refers to the user or service that delivers traffic to the site. The users can be visitors to its pages on social networks, suppliers of advertisements, links on the site, etc.

Not all visitors can be the target audience for the site and be interested in its services or goods.

Approval in percentage terms will show the effectiveness of each affiliate.

The approval of leads in arbitration

While working with CPA networks, by approval we usually understand the percentage of confirmed leads. To make it clear, let’s review the process of working with traffic using a specific example:

As a result, the approval rate was 30%. This is exactly the share of confirmed useful actions. All rejected leads bring absolutely nothing to the affiliate (except situations when people reorder again during the lifetime of the cookie).

What issues have an impact on the approval rate

The number of accepted applications depends on the partner’s traffic and the processing of orders by the advertiser. Circumstances can make an influence of affiliate on the approval.

The main thing that is required from a partner is to strictly follow the rules of the offer. For example: contextual advertising on a brand is prohibited, and you buy traffic for requests with the name of the product or brand of the advertiser. There will be a lot of requests. But after checking the CPA, the network will reject them.

In case of using unauthorized methods of attracting customers can be refusal for leads. For example, the advertiser has banned traffic from social networks, and the affiliate used advertising in the social network «VK» target. Large CPA networks have developed anti–fraud systems. They identify fake claims or cookie scams. After detecting fraud, the partner will not receive commission for their sales and may be disconnected from the program.

Approval dependence from the CPA network or advertiser

In addition to reasonably rejected leads, the advertiser’s bad faith or poor business organization can also affect the approval value.

The main reasons for the low approval rate due to the CPA network

Poor call center performance. People often buy goods under the influence of emotions. If the advertiser’s employees do not call immediately, but after a couple of days, сustomer may already change his mind and refuse to confirm the order. In addition, the politeness of the operators and their ability to answer questions about the product affects the percentage of confirmed applications.

Shave is a situation when according to statistics the application was rejected, although in fact it was accepted and the advertiser made income on it. It is difficult to identify a shave, the only way is to make orders secretly from the advertiser.

Too intrusive up-selling or cross–selling

Up–selling offers the additional options for a product or more expensive version. Cross–selling is offering related products or accessories. Advertisers charge low prices which attract customer’s attention. But for example when, during the phone confirmation, it turns out that you can buy a player for 50 rubles, only in case that you order two more for 500 rubles each. So in such situation most customers simply hang up and the lead is sent to the folder — «refused».

Deception of the сustomers about the price or characteristics, which are found out at the time of order confirmation.

Bad quality of product. If upon receipt at the post office are found defects, damages or even another packaging or simply the wrong product, the customer does not repurchase the product.

Average approval rates in CPA networks

Each affiliate program has a “Statistics” section. Here it is possible to get acquainted with the work of traffic in numbers. Arbitrage approval, in turn, reflects the percentage of confirmed leads. Note that it is extremely important to monitor these indicators.

If we take a large sample, then the average rate of confirmed orders will range from 38% to 50%. But such numbers are not applicable to real–life situations. Depending on the type of traffic, the offer and the skills of the affiliate, it can be extremely low or above this average range. The approval can always be viewed in open sources. In CPA networks it is indicated even for specific offers.

What to do if the approval has dropped

First of all you should inquire about the reasons for the decrease and low rates in approve from the technical support of the CPA network. Sometimes the advertiser will tighten the requirements for applications.

If you are not satisfied with the technical support answers, then the only reasonable solution is to change the advertiser or CPA network. Look for a similar offer in other networks (the offer directory will help you) and switch traffic there. As a rule, many affiliate networks have popular products.


So, the profit of an affiliate depends on the percentage of leads confirmed by the advertiser — approval. It depends on traffic, users, product, call center operation and many other factors.

Arbitration is a complex and multi–stage process. If you want to make stable money on it, you will have to familiarize yourself with a large amount of a wide variety of statistics provided by CPA networks and third–party services. The better you navigate and apply them in practice, the more successful your advertising campaigns will be. And although most of the reasons for a decrease in approve rate do not depend on the affiliate, timely informing about his fluctuations will help you to respond quickly and make improvements. You can change your CPA network, suspend traffic or redirect it to another similar offer. Anyways, keep your finger on the pulse and always look for new ways to improve efficiency.