What do you need to earn money on gambling and betting affiliate programs?

 You constantly read about someone getting an ROI of 300% on gambling and betting offers, but don’t know where to start? 

 In this article, we will tell you the key aspects of driving traffic successfully to these verticals, as well as about the pitfalls that can ruin the life of a novice affiliate.

What are gambling and betting affiliate programs?

A novice webmaster can get an offer only in affiliate programs.

 Gambling affiliate programs — are affiliate networks that work with online casinos, slots and other gambling platforms. Betting affiliate programs — are affiliate programs that provide offers from bookmakers. There are direct affiliate programs from casinos and bookmakers as well. Advertisers make them in order to not give earnings on the affiliate program to other market participants and have direct contact with lone webmasters and small teams.

Usually, direct affiliate programs have more attractive conditions, since there are fewer intermediaries between the advertiser and the webmaster. For example, PMaffiliates — payments as a direct advertiser, only with a personal account and additional bonuses available to everyone, even a novice affiliate.

How to properly work with gambling and betting affiliate programs?

 For successful business with affiliate programs, you need to comply with a few important conditions. All these questions can be clarified with your manager:

Restrictions on approaches and traffic sources. Some traffic sources are banned by advertisers, due to poor quality. Also, many affiliate programs have long banned “casino gambling”.

Target your audience correctly. The main paying, playing audience is from 23 to 45 years old. It is necessary to avoid the audience under the age of 18 and older than 65, they will most likely not be paid, because according to statistics they will not make repeated deposits to a casino or a bookmaker.

Keep in mind that any betting and casino affiliate program has a hold. The time for which the advertiser confirms the target action. You should not expect to receive money immediately. The average holding period is 15 days.

How and how much can you earn on this?

 The main payment models for users brought are:

  CPL — payment for leads. Most often for registering on the service. This model is the easiest to start with for a beginner, since there are fewer extraneous factors in it. Registration on the service is divided into:

SOI – unconfirmed registration

DOI – registration with confirmation of contact details.


 CPA — payment for confirmation of the target action. Usually registration and the first deposit. The payments are more than for CPL, but you should  consider many nuances so that the users you have brought make the first and second deposits.


  RevShare — payment of percentage from the deposits of the users you have brought. A model for experienced affiliate marketing teams. Most often, you can get access to it directly, having a reputation in the affiliate marketing community. 


 Regardless of the chosen payment model, many offers have an additional KPI, depending on the performance, payments will increase or decrease. The advertiser will evaluate all traffic according to the following parameters: the amount and number of deposits, the number of returns to the service, the overall portrait of the player, the reaction to mailings.

As for the specific amounts of earnings, everything depends on your skill, the scale and the funds invested in the advertising campaign.

Attracting traffic.

 The main source of traffic for the gambling and betting vertical is still Facebook. There are some difficulties with accounts and cloaking, however, you can perfectly scale bundles on this advertising platform, there are unlimited traffic volumes and wide target settings.

 Also, many affiliates drive traffic from teaser networks, Push and Google UAC.

Regardless of the source, you should monitor the quality of traffic. Any nuances can be discussed with your personal manager. But if you drive large volumes of non-targeted traffic, the affiliate program will not want to work with you any further. To constantly earn money on affiliate programs, you need to prove that you give high-quality traffic.

Target audience of affiliate programs’ offers.

 The target audience of online casinos and bookmakers is wealthy people who see it more as entertainment than earning money. 80% of the players who bring money to advertisers are men. For women, many affiliate networks give smaller payments. By age, men: 40% aged 20-28 years, 50% aged 30-45 years, 10% – 50 and older.

According to GEO, it is better for beginners to start with the CIS countries; Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan convert well.

Tools for earning money.

  To attract an audience, advertisers offer webmasters to use: landing pages, demo games, welcome bonuses, referral links. In high-quality affiliate networks, this is attached to the offer and is constantly updated.

There are now popular approaches in creatives: success stories; slots, joy of winning, moments when money is received; a beautiful life with the attributes of luxury.

 To drive traffic from Facebook, you will also need accounts, an anti-detect browser and a cloak. A site that hides the offer’s advertising and shows the moderators a white page. Because the social network mercilessly bans advertising of these verticals and the users who place it.

After receiving an affiliate link, use a link shortener so that it does not look cumbersome and suspicious.

What difficulties you can face.

 Despite the attraction of betting and gambling verticals, there are some aspects that are important to consider when working.

Always use popular and proven affiliate programs. Some affiliate programs may promise tempting conditions, but in reality kill the stats.

Don’t make creatives that deceive visitors. If the creative says “get paid 500 rubles when registering”, and in fact the user will not receive them, such traffic will bring unnecessary questions and problems from the affiliate program in the near future.

Pay attention not only to the main statistics indicators, but also the reg to dep indicator; the quality of your traffic is evaluated by this indicator, you can always request such statistics from the manager.

It is important to make a high-quality cap. This is the maximum number of registrations that a webmaster can bring per day. This limit is set by the advertiser. The higher this indicator, the more trust you will gain, and the faster you will be able to receive payments and more trustworthy conditions.


 The experiences of some show that you can consistently make a good profit from the sale of traffic to gambling and betting offers. As the year 2020 showed, the pandemic and lockdowns were no big deals for these verticals. There are some nuances that are worth learning. But having gained this experience, you will always have a stable income on traffic.