The benefits of working with gambling affiliate programs on the example of PMaffiliates

In 2021, only a person without Internet access hasn’t heard about affiliate marketing. Thanks to active advertising and information resources, even users who were not interested in marketing before are now trying to enter this sector. Many think that webmasters all easily make 100% profit off their ad campaigns, work 3-4 hours a day and quickly become the leaders of their own teams. In reality however, just like any business, affiliate marketing entails numerous risks. Most of these problems can be solved by partnering up with affiliate programs.

Where to start and is it worth trying yourself in arbitration?

You can start your affiliate marketing journey by studying the basic principles of online marketing. It also won’t be too much to get a general understanding of online algorithms, ad formats and traffic sources.

Here are the main traffic sources: social media, search engines, websites, various newsletters, organic traffic. In simple terms, these are online places that are visited by a large number of users. In such places, you can launch various ad campaigns to attract potential customers of the product you’re promoting. By the way, such promoted goods or services are called offers. 

The difference between the purchase price of the traffic and all ad campaign-related expenses and the income for a referred client is the affiliate’s profit or ROI (return on investment).

After selecting a traffic source, you need to decide on where to drive the traffic to. 

All goods and services belong to a specific sector called verticals. Here are the most popular ones:

There are two ways to get an affiliate link and attract new clients to it. Large teams and marketing agencies negotiate directly with advertisers. Small teams and solo webmasters can get offers from affiliate programs and CPA networks.

Let’s consider an example of partnering up with an affiliate program in the gambling and betting vertical.

What are the advantages of working with a gambling affiliate program?

There are also direct affiliate programs from advertisers. For example, a casino or bookmaker office decide to make their own affiliate program. The advertisers don’t want to partner up with a large number or affiliates with small traffic volumes, so they directly hire webmasters that drive quality traffic (even if the volume is low).

Let’s use PMaffiliates as an example to see how affiliate programs work

The PMaffiliates affiliate program is an exclusive affiliate program from Parimatch, a top-level advertiser. The main offers are sports betting, e-sports and online casinos. 

Affiliate program features

The main advantages of working with this affiliate program are: a well-known brand and quality service for affiliates. PMaffiliates is a partner of Parimatch Casino and Parimatch BK that’s been operating for 26 years. The partners and ambassadors of this bookmaker include such famous clubs and athletes as: Conor McGregor, Juventus, Everton, Chelsea and even La Liga. Offers with such strong brand support are easier to advertise, because fans already know them through their favorite teams and athletes.

Cooperation models (Offers)

Payments for a referred client are issued according to the following models:

GEOs and tech support

The brand is most noticeably present in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Indonesia, Brazil, Nigeria, Tanzania, Australia, Canada, Malaysia. New GEOs are constantly being added.

Another aspect the webmaster will appreciate is the personal manager they get. Tech support will help you pick out a relevant offer and traffic source and on request can provide you with banners and landing pages for your ad campaign.

To get the most accurate statistics, you can connect s2s postback tracking.


Payments can be received once a month via wire, webmoney, skrill, yandex money, qiwi, or by transfer to a credit card. The company is constantly adding new payment services.

How to join the Parimatch affiliate program

To become a partner of this affiliate program, you need to register on the PMaffiliates official website. After you verify your account, you can access your profile, find the contact info of your personal manager and start selecting an offer. 


Making money on affiliate programs is the best way to enter affiliate marketing with minimal risks. This way, the webmaster manages to avoid such problems like: the advertiser scamming the affiliate and refusing to pay them, driving traffic to a burned-out offer with a low conversion rate, using unattractive creatives and partnering up with advertisers the audience has never heard of before and many other unpleasant surprises that endanger your profits.