Indian Premier Cricket League and Implications for the Betting Industry in India

The Indian Premier Cricket League kicked off on April 1, 2008. And since then it’s grown so much, it’s being compared to Europe’s football leagues and the NHL in terms of coverage and  media rights. The latest 2018-2022 title sponsorship deal signed with Chinese phone maker Vivo was worth $2.6 billion.


Back in 2010, India signed a deal with Google about live-broadcasts of matches on Youtube without any geographical restrictions. This was a revolutionary new approach to sports broadcasting, since fans were no longer tied to a single option – Television. Youtube recognized this experiment as successful and other market players lined up to purchase broadcasting rights. This included BAMTech Media and even Facebook but Star India was the one to come out on top. In 2018, the cost of broadcasting a single match was four times the cost of broadcasting an NBA game. Currently, only the English Premier League and America’s NFL are ahead of the Indian League in terms of price.


The IPL season takes place in April and May, with the tournament consisting of 60 matches. Each team plays 14 home and away matches. 4 teams advance to the playoffs and play singles. A double elimination grid is used to determine the winner. International companies use the season with might and main to draw attention to their brands. For example, Amazon, Pepsi and Vodafone all opened local offices at the start of the 2017 season.


According to analysts’ estimates, the IPL is currently worth between 5.5 and 6.5 billion dollars. And this price will only increase due to the following factors:



The IPL’s impressive growth was halted by the pandemic, but experts predict the League breaking new records after mankind beats. COVID-19.


The League’s first match of the League will take place on September 19. For affiliates, this is a good opportunity to make money on betting offers and cheap Indian traffic. Last year, webmasters attracted 3 times the number of new users for betting offers in India than the previous year.