How to design a selling landing page for a betting affiliate marketing offer?

The landing page is the most important part of any bundle. You can properly set up the targeting, make an attractive creative and still end up draining your entire budget because you messed up with the landing.  To create a selling landing page, you need to use the correct structure, as well as marketing and psychological techniques.

What is a selling landing page

A selling landing is a one-page website with an attractive title and basic information about the offer. There are no additional pages, so the entire structure of the landing page should be reduced to a call to action and a link for the user to follow. At the same time, it’s crucial to make the user want to scroll down to the bottom of the landing and read the main part of the call to action. Therefore, the most attractive information should be placed at the beginning, right after the heading.

The structure and design of a high-quality landing page

A selling landing page should have a laconic and lightweight design. Not cluttered with information, buttons, pop-ups, and other distractions. The main part that “makes” the sale is not a cluster of info, but rather a selling text. To secure a high conversion rate, the following landing page structure is often used:



The landing page mustn’t be too long and bore the user, each section should be described briefly and to the point. The conversion rate is determined not by how much data there is, but by its quality and attractiveness to the potential client.

Landing page design mistakes

A non-catchy headline

Just like with the creative, the success of the landing page depends mainly on its headline. The user makes a decision to stay and read further or leave within the first 10 seconds. You can use Google Trends to write a quality headline. This tool allows you to see the most popular search queries. A headline with keywords will also help your landing page in terms of SEO. Once you’ve decided on your keywords, you need to build your headline using one of the following techniques. To increase the conversion rate, your title should:



With these marketing techniques, you can create a compelling headline and successfully retain your user. And you don’t need to use multiple techniques at once, simply use one or two as a basis and just focus on them.

The content and info aren’t credible

Despite the simple design, you need to pay attention to content. To design a selling landing page, it’s best to use high-quality, unique pictures, original texts and comments, reviews, this will help win over the client’s trust.

For example, affiliate marketers often neglect the quality of the reviews, they use photos that don’t fit the topic in the slightest. Today’s majority of online users notice all these little details, especially when it comes to betting and gambling offers. So when creating content for your landing page, try looking at it through the eyes of your potential client and check how much trust your landing page inspires.

Sometimes, Google marks a domain as untrustworthy. That’s why you should occasionally check your domain as well as move it to https. The SSL certificate guarantees that the browser won’t mark the website’s connection as insecure, which could be yet another factor that lowers the conversion rate.

No call to action

Often, a person designs a cool landing page, with the correct structure, the properly selected content and at the end of it is just a lead form or a button leading to the offer. Don’t neglect the call to action, according to statistics, it increases the conversion rate by 20%, so always be sure to have one on your landing page.

Tips for promoting a selling landing page

There are two main types of landing page traffic sources – ad campaigns and SEO. You can combine both. Ad campaigns can be launched in social media, Google Ads, push notifications, popup and teaser networks.

As for SEO, the landing page must be structured in a specific way to be promoted through search queries:



These are the main factors by which the site will be indexed by search algorithms and promoted. Further promotion depends on content updates, but since the landing page does not provide for new content, you need to write the text that would contain as many key requests as possible from the very start. And don’t forget to make it attractive for the reader. 

Another SEO promotion method is buying links from 3rd party websites to the landing page. Though if you use this method, you run the risk of getting shadow banned by the search engines if the links to your landing were placed on suspicious websites. Use exchanges to purchase links on verified resources.

Create a landing page yourself or order one

Some affiliate programs provide their partners with landing pages. For example, the PMaffiliates betting affiliate program supplies its affiliates with landings and promo materials. But learning to design landing pages is very simple, you can start with free builders like WordPress or Joomla that have ready-made forms for creating websites and that don’t require you to know how to code.