Google UAC as one of the top sources of traffic for gambling

In addition to search engine advertising, Google has other traffic sources — the Display Network and UAC (Uvinersal App Campaign). This source works exclusively with mobile apps and its sudden popularity is explained by the rising of in–app campaigns.

Special features of the Google UAC source

Google UAC does not use a target, and all manipulations are performed by automatic algorithms to find a traffic to applications. The source is fully automated and selects the audience on its own and promises a higher efficiency in comparison with other methods of promoting app. Inside the source, there is only a choice of GEO, setting the rate and target action in relation to the application.

The specific of work

The source does not work by reference, but by a special link with side analytics, so you need to set it up and postback to have an opportunity of tracking all events. Speaking about the advertising formats the source uses texts, banners and videos.

While working with Google UAC it is possible to fall under the context article for a brand because the service does not imply a prohibition of displaying for certain requires in a search engine. Your income at the beginning of work may not meet expectations because the service goes through the entire funnel itself, gradually learning, which can take a fair amount of time.

Due to the lack of a large number of settings, it is important to have a large number of creatives in stock. The algorithm will figure out which ones work better, and your task is to generate only working materials. It is important to set your goals straight away, as if you start changing anything in your campaign, the processes will be relearned. If the campaign fails to face your budgets, then smart optimization will correct the situation.

What do you need for advertising

It will be good to pay a special attention to setting up an advertising campaign due to not change tasks in the process which will lead to a change in UAC’ algorithm work and to extension of the launch period for an effective campaign for a casino. In case the campaign is not ready to accept user-suggested budgets, optimization will become a benefit to the client

Tools which you need:

Where to show the advertisement

To work with such types of advertising, a new account will not be the best option, therefore, it will be good to use an advertising account.

It is important to list places where to show the advertising. These are:

How to start working?

UAC traffic arbitrage starts from simple things. Tips, you need to begin:

What do you need to drain traffic with UAC?

Еarnings on traffic are carried out through the launch of a campaign according to special algorithm. It is necessary to work with Firebase and selected the item on the launch of a universal campaign for mobile applications.

The most important things that you need are:

How quickly turn a profit with GOOGLE UAC

One important aspect that all UAC marketers faced with is how to make a profit.

Since the installation price is not always cheap for all applications, the installation price does not always drop significantly during the first $ 100-200-300 and it is not always clear how to optimize this business.

If you have the right apps and the right accounts (and, of course, offers), an affiliate can make $ 1000 in profit per day.

But it is important to understand that in fact, you practically do not manage anything, except that you can do different creatives.

Then UAC itself selects target audiences based on your application, application description, and the categories where your application is in the Play Market or AppStore.

Accordingly here works automation and therefore very much depends on the application.

What to do if there are no results?

Due to automatic source algorithms, your application can spin on completely unexpected sites, the probability of this always exists. Go to the sources and check if there is such trick. If there are a large amount of non–converting campaigns on your list, it will be better to stop use it right away.

Pros and Cons


Overall, UAC is a cosmically promising traffic source for all niches. The special feature is that the source works exclusively with mobile applications.

Basically arbitration with UAC fits for all the same niches from which you can drain through mobile applications from other traffic sources, namely gambling, dating, etc.

The main advantage is that huge amount of traffic can be drained into UAC. The disadvantages include a slightly illogical and incomprehensible principle of work.

From all this, it follows that with the right applications and the right accounts with the help of UAC, an affiliate can make 1000 $ profit per day.