Driving traffic to gambling offers through TikTok

Recently, more and more interesting cases of traffic being driven to gambling offers through TikTok have been popping up online. A few words about this social network:

This all makes TikTok an attractive platform to use to drive traffic to gambling offers. In this article we’ll talk about ways to work with this traffic source.

How to drive traffic to gambling offers from TikTok?

TikTok is a social network all about short videos, meaning much of your success here will depend on your creatives. The moderation here isn’t as strict as on other platform, but gambling ads are still prohibited. TikTok is just getting involved in gambling affiliate marketing, which means that the methods we’ll talk about are all bound to change and be perfected. TikTok’s advantage lies in how simple it is to launch a campaign: you don’t need to farm accounts and warm them up, you’ll know from the get-go whether your creative will pass moderation. Any of these approaches can be used immediately after you register.

You can drive traffic from TikTok the following ways:

Driving traffic through TikTok Ads

The method with the highest conversion rate is launching ad campaigns using TikTok Ads.

TikTok has 3 types of ad accounts:

The most “long-living” are agent accounts because they’re designed to promote businesses. These are social accounts with tracking features and an open ad profile.   The agent account is created only after some time has passed.

The sponsored post ad account is also a great way to launch ads. You get charged at the end of the month. But this option is only available to users from Europe and the USA.

Launching an ad campaign here is done in a way similar to all the other social networks. You can target a specific audience or just let the social network’s algorithm do it for you. In TikTok, you can define 3 objectives:

If you’re driving traffic to a link, choose the first option. If to an app – best to pick the “installing an app” one.

There’s also a $50 Minimum ad campaign budget, $20 for a group of posts. There are several payment models to choose from:

Next, you need to select keywords – the algorithm will locate your target audience through them. To avoid spam and negative feedback, you can disable the comments.

TikTok has ample targeting settings:

After setting up the ad campaign, move on to uploading a creative and adding text to it. The text can’t exceed 80 symbols.

After that, the video goes through moderation. Keep in mind that TikTok has manual moderation, meaning your creative shouldn’t appear too aggressive.

There’s also a way to pass moderation that involves the upload of the same video multiple times. Even if it doesn’t get approved the first time, there’s a chance it will any of the following ones.

Blogger advertising

TikTok has lots of bloggers that aren’t too popular but have their own audience. Buying ad space from them will be a lot cheaper than doing it on Instagram or Youtube. Besides, TikTok is fine with native ads that promote gray-hat offers, like gambling and betting, and doesn’t ban them. Choose bloggers with 3,000+ followers and keep track of your ROI. Make sure that the blogger’s audience matches your own target audience.

Comment spam

TikTok has yet to introduce a means to combat comment spam, but posting direct links is not allowed. Which means for now the option to send messages with a request to go to the page where the link to the offer will be in the header remains open. Take into account the daily limits: a user can subscribe to a maximum of 200 pages and put no more than 500 likes.

Organic promotion

Fresh accounts that post gambling ads in ТikTok don’t last too long, meaning you won’t squeeze much out of them. That’s why it’s best to use accounts that are at least 2 months old.

You can upload a video immediately after registering, there’s no need to warm accounts up. We recommend uploading from 3 to 5 videos a day to make the account look active.  Follow these recommendations when attracting organic traffic. TikTok algorithms work a little differently than their counterparts from other social networks and sometimes a random video can get a bunch of views for seemingly no reason.

An effective advertising campaign will require a large number of accounts and constant monitoring on part of the affiliate. Experience shows that one account can “work through” $20-30 worth of ads before getting “shadow-banned” – the account technically isn’t banned, but its content isn’t displayed. On the bright side, this type of traffic is very cheap.

TikTok offers

For now, while TikTok is just at the beginning of its journey, the mods here are reasonable and not as strict as the ones Facebook has. Popular gray-hat offers:

Gambling traffic from TikTok can be attracted in large volumes given a competent approach and attractive creative.

Gray-hat offers have high conversion rates, because this source is gaining popularity among affiliates and isn’t too “overpopulated” yet. Not to mention that TikTok has practically no measures in place to combat native ads placement.

Popular GEOs to promote offers in

The first region this social network became popular in was Asia. Currently, TikTok’s audience is spread all over the world. The most converting GEOs are:

Gambling creatives for TikTok

In TikTok, it’s important not to go overboard with gray-hat content. The creative must be attracting, but not too provocative lest the mods not approve it. Use only original creatives, the algorithm immediately detects repeat videos and “rewards” the account with a shadow ban.

The main approaches to designing creatives are:

Most of the TikTok creatives found online can be identified : on TikTok, #betting has over 1.1 million tafs, #gambling — 30 million, and #sportsbetting — 4.9 million. You can use whichever of these when promoting your video ads.

Currently, when driving traffic to gambling offers from TikTok, it’s recommended to use a cloaking service. The social network marks apps that were promoted using banned creatives. Best to make a landing page and drive traffic to Instagram where users will find the offer link.

Considering all the difficulties connected to the main traffic provider – Facebook, one may get the impression that it’s easier to get gambling traffic from TikTok. In practice, driving traffic from this platform has its nuances and special features, which we’ve all covered in this article. But here, there also are large volumes of fresh traffic, effective promotion algorithms and lighter moderation.