Best gambling offers

Lucrative gambling offers in affiliate programs.


 A high-quality gambling offer consists of several parts: its lifetime, GEO, the presence or absence of a mobile application, accompanying promotional materials, the convenience level of the casino, the speed of payments issued for conversions.

 Some affiliate programs provide their own apps, cloaking services and creatives for the offer. Those who do not have the resources to create an app can rent one.

 Managers should always be in touch during working hours to provide affiliates with solid advice on how to best organize their ad campaign. 

 The PMAffiliates affiliate program always provides the best gambling offers, the apps for them as well as managers who are always available to consult affiliates on any issue. A wide selection of GEOs, a small hold, exclusive offers, ready-made creatives with world-famous ambassadors, postback tracking, promotions and bonuses for partners.

 The main verticals of the Parimatch affiliate program are gambling, betting and eSports. Ready to test out lots of traffic sources.


Traffic sources for gambling offers.


 Having chosen the offer, on to identifying your target audience.  Websites most commonly used to promote gambling offers: Facebook, Tik-Tok and Google UAC.

 To launch ads in Facebook, you need a creative and a cloaking service. The creative needs to be both unique and adhering to Facebook’s rules. Moderators follow the links to make sure the advertised product isn’t breaking the social network’s regulations. That’s why you need cloaking. A white-hat website with a button or link that leads to a casino. This way, the mod will see a website in compliance with Facebook’s rules, while the target audience will go on to the offer. You’ll also need Facebook accounts, proxies and an anti-detect browser to scale your campaign. Launch campaigns from multiple accounts and introduce new ones to replace the ones that got banned.


 When it comes to TikTok, the model is similar to the one we just covered. Except the moderation isn’t as strict, accounts don’t get banned as much and your expenses for “supplies” aren’t as high.


 With Google UAC, getting enough supplies is easy, but you need apps. Some affiliate networks provide them, for example the Parimatch affiliate program, but in other cases, webmasters will need to either create an app or rent one out. The convenient part is that the app is basically a cloaking device and works the same way. The mod sees a white-hat app, say a flashlight, a ruler, a reminder, while the target audience sees a creative that leads to an online casino


How to properly select a gambling offer.


 Webmasters take into account many factors when choosing an offer: the CPA network, lead confirmation time, GEO, payment model, casino recognition and how easy it is to use. The source of traffic is also important, as some advertisers do not accept shareware traffic due to its poor quality. Here are some tips for choosing an offer:

 Better to work with certified, large CPA networks. Such ratings can be found on affiliate marketing websites. Some young casino affiliate programs promise tasty conditions, but they do not always follow up on them.

 Also, networks that respect their webmasters won’t have long holds, the normal hold is up to 15 days. Some GEOs convert better are an easier option for beginners. Historically, the most gambling countries are Australia, Singapore, Canada, Finland, Italy, Hong Kong, Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine and others.

 Check out what sort of offer it is and how recognizable it is. Best to check out the product itself, even going so far as to register and see how well it performs. Sometimes, the registration procedure is convoluted, the minimum deposit amount is too high, there’s not enough payment options, all these drawbacks can damage your conversion rate. While more recognizable brands will increase it. You can check how often the casino is referenced using Yandex.Wordstat and Google Trends.

 Don’t hesitate to contact your manager if you have any questions. For example, ask about the minimum deposit amount, baseline, types of accepted traffic.


Offer terms.


 When driving traffic to an offer, don’t forget about the latter’s conditions. When choosing an offer, consider the GEO, age, sex, platform type. Otherwise, you’ll end up driving the wrong sort of audience that just won’t be interested in the offer. You can easily set up GEO and sex targeting in the ad campaign, but age targeting will have to be done in the cloaking webpage, by adding an “18+”, when the user clicks it, they get sent to the offer. Another important condition is the traffic source, “How to beat the casino” type traffic is prohibited, some affiliate networks do not accept shareware traffic.


GEO targeting.


 Many gambling affiliate programs pay per client that registered, verified their account or made a deposit. The offer lists what countries and cities it accepts traffic from. It’s crucial to set up your ad campaign specifically in the regions the advertiser focuses on.

 In affiliate marketing, countries are conventionally divided into TIER 1, TIER 2 and TIER 3 according to how solvent and tech-savvy their populations are.


 TIER 1 countries are English-speaking and Western European countries. Such as: USA, Canada, Australia, France, Germany, UK, Italy, Spain and Scandinavia. The people in these countries are the wealthiest as well as the most advanced in terms of bypassing and blocking ads. The level of competition in these countries is also the highest in the world, which makes the price of traffic go up. These GEOs have the largest payouts as well.


 TIER 2 countries – the rest of Europe, the CIS region, Asia and the most developed countries in Africa. Although the population here is not as solvent, they are quite tech-savvy. The advantage of focusing on such countries is how cheap the traffic is.


 TIER 3 countries – Latin America, the poorest countries in Asia (Philippines, Thailand, India). Many affiliate marketers don’t work with such GEOs due to their low purchasing power. On the other hand, in recent years, these countries have been technologically developing at a high rate; online payment services are currently being introduced. And the traffic here is the cheapest of all GEOs while the competition remains low. Which means, these places are also suitable for turning a profit.




 Gambling offers pay using the following models:



 There is such a thing as hold. This is the time during which the advertiser checks traffic for bots and fraud. The exact hold period depends on the partner network, but shouldn’t exceed 15 days.

  Each offer has a baseline, the minimum amount a player must spend for the webmaster to get paid. Anything below this threshold does not count as a conversion. Deposits stack up, and once the baseline is reached, the affiliate gets their reward. There’s also a tougher baseline, which must be reached during only the first deposit. Beginners should steer clear of gambling offers with such conditions, as they are significantly more difficult to work with.


Ad campaign budget.


The ad campaign budget can be broken down in the following proportions:


 If your starting budget isn’t large, below $1,000, best to start with offers with smaller rates and gradually scale up your budget. In any case, it’s best to focus on a single offer and traffic source at a time. During the testing phase, change your creatives, bundles, expendable supplies. Optimize your campaign for your target audience to lower your expenses. Best to start with just one GEO, so as not to stretch your resources too thin. Each country’s audience has its own features, and if you take several GEOs at once, you’ll be overwhelmed and it’ll be hard to properly assess your audience’s distinguishing national characteristics.




 To assess the quality of traffic, advertisers use the following metrics: CR (conversation rate), size and number of deposits, user activity on the site, response to email campaigns.


 CR (conversation rate) — the conversion from the client registering to making their first deposit (FD) and from the first deposit to the next one (RD). This data shows the casino how solvent the attracted client is and estimate how much profit they can theoretically bring in.


 Size and number of deposits – there is always a risk for an advertiser to receive fraudulent traffic. Dishonest affiliate marketers use various schemes to flood offers with users who make the first minimum deposit, for example, 50 rubles, and then never spend another dime. That’s why casinos check the number and amount of deposits, so they can distinguish the complacent client who just makes the minimum deposit necessary for approval from the actual gamblers.


 User activity on the website is an important indicator of traffic quality. After all, if the users you referred are barely active and make few to none deposits, then they won’t bring any profit in the future and it isn’t profitable for the advertiser to work with such traffic.

 All the indicators we mentioned are checked within 5 days after the user registers and once a week after. This is when traffic quality is checked, and conversion payouts depend on it. 




 The gambling vertical remains one of the most profitable in affiliate marketing. Sure, promoting gambling offers isn’t always easy, since many ad platforms prohibit promoting slots and casino offers. Not to mention, it’s downright illegal in some countries. You’ll also need quality expendables: design creatives that won’t get banned by mods, but will still appear attractive for users, accounts, cloaking. You’ll face extra expenses for apps. But all these costs are easily covered, because with competent bundles, the ROI can hit more than 200%, which is pretty common in this vertical, especially among experienced affiliates.