Driving traffic to gambling offers through webview apps

Webview is an app that allows you to display web content inside it. A highly relevant tool in the gambling vertical.

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How to promote gambling offers through webview apps?

Driving traffic through apps is easier than through classical pre-landing schemes.

The app itself is a stub and a cloak. Meaning, moderators and bots are shown a white-hat app that does not violate any rules. The user is shown a browser (with the offer) embedded in the app, where they only need to register.

Even Facebook has a high level of trust towards the application, because if it is already on the iOS or Android store, then there is nothing suspicious about it. The process of launching an ad campaign through the application on different advertising platforms is similar. Here is an example of how to drive traffic through webview to a gambling offer from Facebook:

Where to get the app?

There are several options for getting the app:

Traffic sources for apps.

Through apps, you can drive traffic from the same sources as you usually would. Facebook, Push Notifications, Google UAC, In App are excellent choices. The best marketing conversions of traffic from apps are from Facebook and Google UAC, because you can set up ad campaigns directly for advertising the apps. Naturally, in the campaign settings, do not forget to specify the platforms, depending on which devices we have the application for. With the launch of a Facebook campaign, mobile traffic marketing is converted to apps by 15% more than if you launch a regular campaign to a link. Average statistical indicators:



For gambling, it is the same as in classic models:


According to GEO, apps work across the world, the only difference being that it must match the language. Russian-language apps perfectly fit Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan and the rest of the CIS region.

Besides gambling, to which other offers can traffic be driven from webview?

With webview, you can drive traffic to almost any offer, but the top ones are: gambling, betting, dating, trading. All the offers that can be placed in an app.

The quality of traffic driven from apps is higher, because it is possible to interact with customers through push notifications. The client’s return rate increases, the advertiser can motivate them with promotions, free spins, deposit bonuses, upcoming sports events, if we are talking about betting. In almost any of the listed verticals, there is an opportunity to motivate the user to log into the app.

Pros and cons of marketing using webview.

The only con in using apps is searching for them. Affiliate programs do not always have enough active applications. So, webmasters have to find them themselves. Apart from learning how to write such applications yourself, which will take three months or more, there are two options:


There are more than enough pros:

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It seems that currently is the golden era of webview apps. So far, the tool is not popular enough for moderators to pay attention to it and ban it, but it has already proven itself and brings excellent profits. Many top gambling teams are currently driving traffic exclusively from apps. And in comparison with the problems faced by affiliates who drive traffic to their links, it becomes clear why. You need to take advantage of this opportunity and skim the cream before this tool becomes so widespread.