Contextual advertising with Yandex Direct and AdWords

It is suggested that contextual advertising is a special type of moving your announcement to relevant platforms. If you’re looking for a particular product in Google or Yandex you will obviously see the ad including info about the item presenting on the website. If you ask for the contextual advertising via Yandex Direct and AdWords you will obtain key benefits:

So, what is better, Yandex or Google, when taking into account profitable business affairs? Yandex Direct is suggested to be a simple directory for spreading contextual advertising. On the contrary, Google AdWords campaigns are working better with more advanced interface giving users the diversity of issues for advertising.

Management of contextual advertising

Contextual advertising is an effective and popular type of advertising on the Internet that attracts potential customers to your proposed item. Free services of Yandex Direct and Google Ads are the leading ones. Instant results of the correctly managed announcements are dedicated to:

As a key benefit of managing your ads, you take the leading role in the process negotiating the main peculiarities.

Creating contextual advertising in Yandex and Google

To be ready to set up ads in the leading platforms you are required to define the goal and manage the basic strategies. The following performance points should be taken into consideration:

If everything is done correctly, your contextual advertisement will be profitable.

Cost of contextual advertising

To calculate correctly the budget for advertising you have to deal with the plan of sales. You need to determine how many units you want to sell for a certain period. After that, the number of ads is determined to reach a certain number of potential users clicking on the link. The calculation is completed effectively if all important details lead to the right number of potential customers and increase the sales as a result.

Main types of contextual advertising

The main types are considered to be important to help to make the right decision when increasing the success of your business campaign. Let’s view the following of them:

Depending on the web projects and required tools you choose the best format of accommodation that matches up your proposal.


Managing contextual advertising can be easy with the right approach. Choosing the best system for landing your ads will lead to maximize competitiveness in the network market. With all required skills, you deal with the best results of increasing productivity and generating more traffic.