Can I become a gambling affiliate marketer without a website?

There are many ways to make money online with your own website. These are: monetizing content, displaying ads, paid access, selling courses and infobusiness and so on. But now, development from scratch requires constant investment. There are ways to make a steady income through affiliate marketing without having your own resource.

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is about attracting new customers through various online ad campaigns and other marketing strategies to specific offers. In our case, the products or services the webmaster has chosen to promote. Next, the user interacts with the advertiser, registers on the service, pays for goods or services, and the affiliate receives a cut from the advertiser. A major advantage of this business is that you can attract clients with the help of paid and shareware means, as well as that there is an enormous number of different areas, guaranteeing that you’ll be able to find an offer that suits you well. 

The most popular affiliate marketing verticals are:

Revenues received from advertisers for total attracted customers in relation to the cost of advertising campaigns are defined as ROI (return on investment). The top verticals in terms of ROI are gambling, betting, nutra and adult.

Of these areas, adult is the most difficult, as it requires experience in promoting prohibited adult content and an understanding of where to get the necessary traffic. Betting and nutra offers are often advertised on websites and social media. Let’s dwell on gambling, this is the most profitable vertical to which you can drive traffic without needing your own website.

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Gambling affiliate marketing without a website: where do we start?

To start losslessly in affiliate marketing, you need to decide on the key aspects of your affiliate marketing strategy: 

Choosing an affiliate program

Affiliate programs are an important link between webmasters and advertisers. Large teams often work directly with online casinos and receive large cuts for their services. For solo affiliate marketers and teams with small budgets however, the affiliate program is the perfect tool for the job.

Affiliate networks take on a considerable part of the work, on which the webmaster’s profit directly depends. Namely:

In theory, some of these points may not seem so necessary to a novice webmaster. Basically, once you start working, you’ll see how simpler affiliate programs make the life of affiliates and why only a few of the most powerful affiliate teams can handle working directly with advertisers.

When choosing an affiliate network, best to focus on such factors as: age and experience being on the market, reviews of other affiliates, brand awareness, presence or absence of cases of payments not being issued, feedback quality and response rate of personal managers. It is for these reasons that it is better to start working with well-known and popular brands.

Designing a promotion strategy

After registering with an affiliate program, you need to decide on an ad campaign strategy. Traffic sources are divided into paid and shareware ones.

Shareware traffic sources:

Paid traffic sources:

As you can see, webmasters can receive any amount of traffic without a website. The advantage of affiliate marketing lies in the variety of sources at your disposal. Experienced affiliates work with multiple traffic sources and always reinsure themselves against fluctuations and disruptions.

Launch an affiliate marketing campaign

If a webmaster is planning to get traffic from a free source, they need to cook up some content. Low costs for attracting such traffic will be due to the fact that the affiliate creates most of the content themself. These can be text posts for a Telegram channel or blog, TikTok or YouTube videos or whatever content for Instagram. After securing your first profit, you can outsource the creation of content to others and focus on scaling campaigns.

To launch a paid traffic source, it’s best to have a starting budget of at least $ 200-300. Let’s not forget that tests always take up 15-20% of ad campaign expenses. Also, paid ad campaigns will require you to have promo materials: videos and banners, apps, content.

Optimize your affiliate marketing campaigns

To get an ad campaign into the black, you need to track its main statistical indicators. Affiliate marketing is full of a bunch of metrics that can be used to optimize campaigns. Here are the main indicators through which you can evaluate the effectiveness of an ad campaign:

Use a tracker to get more accurate data for your campaign. Naturally, affiliate programs and ad networks also provide statistics. But professional third-party tracking can provide deeper analytics. Traffic is passed through the links of the tracker and when an event occurs, information is returned to the tracker. The tracker compiles all data and provides “the whole picture” statistics to the webmaster.

Where can I get affiliate marketing traffic if I don’t have my own website?

Now then, let’s take a look at the main sources that will provide you with unlimited traffic volumes, while not requiring to have your own website.

Free sources

if you can’t boast a large budget or extensive experience, best to start with shareware options. Yes, they take up more time, but this will provide you with a deeper understanding of how affiliate marketing works, the necessary experience to launch paid advertising campaigns in the future. Technically, all you need to use free traffic sources are basic SMM and photo/video editing skills and your imagination. The main emphasis in free traffic sources is on content, through which you attract attention to a blog, page, channel – wherever your promoted offer is located.

Social media

An Instagram or TikTok account is great for advertising gambling offers. If we talk about video and photo content, this can be an online casino review, success stories with big winnings or just clips of winning slots and people’s emotions.  

Video hosting services

Streams featuring online slots, emotions from winnings or reviews of online casinos are very popular on YouTube. Video content is excellently suited to promote the gambling industry because it is great at conveying emotions and attracting a potential player. Also, such content is not blocked by YouTube.

Email marketing

Email mailing lists are still very much alive and well, showing decent performance results. First, it is one of the cheapest sources that can also be automated. Email databases can be bought for a penny or found for free. Second, in a well-written letter, you can place a link with a promo code or bonus. This results in a conversion.

Not all paid traffic sources are suitable for promoting gambling offers. For example, many social networks block such ads. Some contextual networks allow gambling ads. Banner and teaser networks, as well as push notifications grids also have no problem with this vertical. Affiliates have also found ways to bypass Google Ads restrictions by advertising casinos through apps.

Contextual search advertising

Casino ads are banned on Google Ads, however, there’s a little trick that has worked so far. If you run such ads through Google Display Network and turn off impressions to an audience under 18, such a campaign will last much longer. Next, you need to choose the right targets and scale the campaign. The traffic volumes of the Google Display Network are limitless.

Such ad networks aren’t as strict as other ad giants. More so,attractively designed banners provide high conversion rates for gambling offers. The same can be said for properly compiled teasers. At the moment, these are some of the cheapest paid formats. Another advantage are the extensive targeting settings for various audiences and lots of platforms that you can include in white or black lists and work with your campaign in a more relaxed fashion.

Mobile apps

Mobile apps ads have been trending since 2020-2021. Large affiliate teams employ developers who make applications for them. Solo affiliates and small teams can either do the same or rent them. What’s more, some affiliate networks offer their apps for free.

The essence of the webview application is that mods and non-targeted users see a white-hat app. While your potential client sees a browser built in to the app with an online casino or a button that leads to the offer. Such a bundle ensures the lowest possible risk of getting a ban and lets you quickly scale your campaign. The disadvantages of this source are the relatively high costs for the app itself and the difficulty of finding people capable of making one.

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As you can see from this article, there are many ways to get traffic without having a website. A website is just one of the many options of attracting users. Therefore, after getting the hang of free traffic sources, you can switch to paid ones, and then move on to making a website to attract an audience. But before it will start bringing in profits, you’ll need to invest considerable funds and effort into promoting it. If you want to just stick to affiliate marketing, launch a campaign in ad networks or start your own blog. This way of entering this business will save you both money and time, and will also allow you to turn a profit as quickly as possible.