Best Push Traffic Sources

Push notifications were originally designed to notify users about new products, promos and discounts. A huge benefit of push is that the user himself agrees to receiving notifications, which means that the ad is guaranteed to be seen. As soon as internet marketers realized that this is a powerful source of traffic, it was immediately adopted by affiliate marketers. 

So far, users have learned how to avoid and reject advertisements. Besides, the constantly changing rules of large ad networks do not allow launching campaigns on certain gray hat verticals. Amid these circumstances, push traffic is distinctly favorable.

In this article we will look at the biggest advantages and disadvantages of this source, where to buy push traffic, as well as all the features and details of how push works.

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What are push networks?

Push networks organize the process of delivering notifications to users. To launch an advertising campaign, you need to have your own database or a mobile application with which push will be delivered to users.

Push networks are actually for launching ad campaigns. After registering in such a network, a user can launch a push campaign for a price, set up a target, creatives and get statistics on those who followed your link.

Push Networks are a convenient tool for launching push campaigns with minimal knowledge.

Advantages of a push network


Disadvantages of a push network

Which verticals are best when using push notifications

One huge advantage of push networks is that they work with most verticals. Delivering ad notifications is enabled by buying subscribers of notifications from websites and various services. Besides the ability to deliver push notifications, information about users is also purchased, so push networks provide a sizable set of different target settings. Usually, a push campaign can be configured by: geography, language, gender, age, device, date of impressions and number of impressions. These settings are enough to get the desired audience for most popular verticals. 

At first glance, push notification is not taken by the user to be spam, because it looks like a system notification of the browser or device. Therefore, if you use creatives with the right presentation and call to action, you can create an advertising campaign that will attract the user’s attention. This is particularly effective compared to teaser or banner traffic.


Advertising of gambling offers usually uses creatives with notification of bonuses and free spins. With the right target settings, you can reach an audience that plays on an online casino or is potentially ready to play. The user who receives the notification will not immediately realize that this is an advertisement and could follow the notification to the online casino page. The advantage of push networks is that they do not block advertising campaigns for gambling offers.


In order to drive traffic to dating offers, creatives mimicking well-known social networks are used. The user receives a push notification about a supposed message from a beautiful girl. When he clicks on the message, he goes to the website with the dating offers.


This vertical effectively converts push traffic too. With the help of targets, you can find a good audience. Ad push networks work with various sites, including those that are adult-themed. So, it is particularly profitable to promote adult nutra through push traffic.


Push notifications are great for advertising betting offers. Two approaches are usually used. This can be event notifications about upcoming events and odds on them. Creatives with sports news, winnings of other players and bonus promos can also be sent out.


Notifications in online games are also awesome for users. Broad target settings make it possible to reach the target audience of games. Usually, interesting creatives are used with bonus notifications, or a notification from the game itself with a call to action to enter an offer.



Just like dating offers, adult services are perfectly converted on push traffic. Many push networks work with this profitable vertical. Push traffic networks can send ads to targeted users who visit services with such content. For example, you can launch advertising campaigns on porn sites and platforms. This way, the webmaster can drive quite relevant traffic.

How to correctly choose a push network

There is now a huge number of push networks in internet marketing. When you start driving traffic, we recommend checking the following.

What exactly do you need to focus on?

How exactly push-traffic can be driven to offers depends only on your imagination. And partly on experience. Here are some examples so that you understand how you can use such a traffic source. 

Let’s take a look at dating verticals. Remember: Dating is meeting people on the internet. To advertise, you can:

create a push notification that looks like a personalized message from a girl with an invitation to meet up; 

set up an ad campaign for men aged 18 and over, show creatives in the evening or at other non-working hours;

lead the notifications traffic to the pre-landing page, on which the girl explains why she talks only on the advertiser’s service;

redirect users to a dating site provided by the advertiser. 

This is a basic plan that will work under certain conditions: if you choose the right geography and set up the campaign. Push-traffic can be driven even without a pre-landing page, directly to the advertiser’s site.

Another example is gambling advertising, that is, an online casino. You can purchase advertising across the entire subscriber base, and use the advertiser’s strongest promo as a creative: for example, +100% on the first deposit. And then optimize the campaign depending on the result. Here are specific tips on how to run push traffic:



Difficulties at the beginning

For push-traffic to work, you need to be prepared to conduct a lot of tests. The user may react badly to a creative, a call to action, or even an offer. It is advisable to launch from 3 to 5 campaigns per offer with different creatives and on different devices at once. It is also worth paying attention to timing, you need to understand at what time and in what circumstances a potential client receives a notification. Is he ready to use the offer at that moment? Push advertising is more about spontaneous emotional actions, for example, if a person is going to work, it is unlikely that he will order a treatment for ED. 

In push traffic, payment is per click, not per 1000 views, like in teaser ads. So, it is important that the audience clicking on the notification is as relevant as possible, various targeting settings will help with this.



Recommendations for making creatives

Push notifications are small even on a desktop. The same creatives may look different on devices with different extensions, so prepare creatives with the extension in mind.

In push traffic, the user will not pay attention to the image on the creative itself, it should not overlap the text. The main message must be in the text. The texts should be concise and with a clear call to action. Emoticons, icons, buttons look organic in push notifications.

The notification headers should match at least one of these prerequisites, or preferably several at once:



The main work with push traffic is according to the following plan: 


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Push traffic is a suitable source to know more about affiliate marketing. Push notifications will be in demand as a source of traffic in the future; now there is a large increase in mobile traffic users and this trend is growing. The undeniable advantage of push networks is also that they do not block ads for gray hat offers and you do not need to spend time trying to avoid banners and getting blocked. In setting up a push campaign, the webmaster does internet marketing with minimal technical work.