Asia Cup’23 is coming: from August 27 to September 11, the biggest event in the world of cricket will take place

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There will be several TOP matches within the tournament:


🔥India vs Pakistan

It will gather a huge audience of TV viewers. For instance, the previous game involving these teams in the T20 WC saw 167 million viewers in front of TV screens.


🔥India vs Bangladesh

It’s always the ‘Drama queen’ matches that cause hype on social media.

Bangladesh fans actively mock Indian athletes during the bouts. At the end of the matches, social media is literally overflowing with memes and humorous posts.


🔥India vs Sri Lanka

The host side is in its best form right now. This match promises to be very entertaining.


Parimatch have taken TV exposure on one of the biggest streaming networks – Star Sports. With hundreds of millions of audience reach.

We will have our banners & logos appear during best saves from the game (fielding), replays, and video commercials during all 13 matches.

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