Affiliate Marketing vs Social Media Marketing in Gambling

In today’s reality of internet technology on the rise, the importance of marketing for business development can hardly be underestimated. Marketing aims to meet the needs of both businesses and their customers by using many different strategies and tactics to increase the effectiveness of relationship building, with SMM and affiliate marketing being the most prominent among them. Although these techniques are different, they have a lot in common and are related to each other quite closely. For example, affiliates often use social media tools to engage audiences, so social platforms, in general, are an important and relevant channel for affiliate marketing. So, we are here to compare affiliate marketing vs social media marketing and talk about the key advantages and disadvantages of each method with regard to gambling projects.

Affiliate Marketing vs Social Media Marketing

To find out who is the winner in the affiliate marketing vs SMM confrontation in terms of the results being achieved, you need to find out what the fundamental difference between the two techniques is. By using affiliate marketing to promote an online casino website (or sportsbook), you are relying on other people to do all the work for you. While getting the benefits of wider reach and access to new audiences, you lose some control over exactly how you promote your brand. As for SMM, you get more control and can determine how the audience will perceive your project online, and this is a fundamental difference in the pair of SMM vs affiliate marketing. Thus, using the SMM technique, you take control and decide for yourself which content to publish and where.

In simple words, affiliate marketing is when you reward another person for promoting your project. Your affiliate marketer can use any channel, including social media. The affiliate gets a share of the revenue generated by the traffic they bring to your iGaming platform, that is, they earn money for results.

As far as SMM is concerned, it is a set of your efforts to build your brand by posting on social media and expanding your company’s social profile audience. If you entrust the task of maintaining your social profile to another person or brand, it will be the case that affiliate marketing and SMM become the same thing. However, the main point to find out is, which of the methods (social media marketing vs gambling affiliate marketing) works better for gambling projects? We have tried to answer that question below.

Affiliate Marketing vs SMM – Which Method is Better?

To find out which gambling project promotion technique is best, you need to take into account some of the characteristics of gambling projects and social platforms – here are some key takeaways:

Based on the above, it is clear that affiliate marketing – which uses far more different channels to connect with the target audience – is the winner of the affiliate marketing vs SMM rivalry when it comes to gambling projects. However, let’s look at the main advantages and disadvantages of each technique for a clearer picture.

SMM Pros & Cons

To find a winner in the affiliate marketing vs social media marketing rivalry, let’s look at the benefits of SMM first:

However, we wouldn’t have to compare social media marketing vs gambling affiliate marketing head-to-head if the former is the perfect method – here are a few drawbacks of SMM every marketer should be aware of:

However, by staying in touch with your audience and knowing how to face critics, you can maintain a good reputation and make progress with SMM.

Affiliate Marketing Pros & Cons

Emerging before the first social media, affiliate marketing has evolved over a long period and has the following advantages:

Although affiliate marketing is our favorite for gambling projects, it is also subject to some disadvantages:

However, given that you are essentially risking nothing by hiring affiliates, this advantage outweighs the drawbacks of affiliate marketing outlined above.

Closing Thoughts

While both SMM and affiliate marketing can prove invaluable in promoting an iGaming project, the latter is the most promising as it has a lower entry threshold and requires almost no upfront cost. However, if your goal is to establish brand loyalty and gain an audience of engaged customers, SMM may be the preferred option.