5 tips on how to increase affiliate marketing conversions in the betting niche

How to secure a high conversion rate? One of the most crucial questions when it comes to online marketing. For some webmasters, the vital topic is how to increase ROI by fiddling around with ad campaign settings. Others can’t get into the black and are trying to understand how to increase conversions for betting offers. This article features a 5 point checklist that your marketing strategy needs to include if you want your conversion rate to go up.

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1. Make sure you’re in the right niche

Choosing a niche is one of the fundamental tasks in online marketing. The vertical should be chosen depending on the starting budget and the sources you plan to get traffic from.  

You also need to pay attention to the popularity of offers in a particular GEO, the level of competition in a given niche, the payout models and amounts, affiliate conversion rates for the vertical in general and your own set of skills and abilities.

Campaigns often go into the red due to incorrectly chosen verticals. For example, to promote nutra offers, you need to write selling texts for landing pages, whereas gambling ones are best promoted using cool video creatives. To work in the PDL vertical, you need showcase landing pages and SMS messaging tools, while adult topics require large investments in push notification and teaser traffic.

When assessing your capabilities in a particular area, you need to highlight your advantages and use them.

After mastering one vertical and starting to make money on it, you can move on to the next or simply scale campaigns and look for new bundles.

Currently, the top verticals in terms of revenue are gambling and betting. You do not need a lot of investment to get started with betting. Campaigns can be launched for events several days in advance. A large benefit for beginners is that traffic for betting offers can be obtained from shareware sources: Telegram and Youtube channels, SEO for websites or Instagram pages. 


2. Use different traffic sources

Many affiliate marketers study a single traffic source and work only with it until it dries up. In fact, this mistake can lead to financial disaster. As you know, some traffic advertising sites burn out or massively block campaigns for gray-hat offers. Similar examples happened with My Target, doorway and pop-up traffic and other previously popular sources. Sure, there are professionals that continue to manage to squeeze out profits out of such platforms. But for aspiring affiliate marketers, these sources are a waste of money. 

Having studied thoroughly a popular source like Facebook or TikTok, you should not stop there. As you know, Facebook occasionally gets in the mood for an adpocalypse, with many ad campaigns perishing in the process. This doesn’t affect the budgets of large teams as much, since they can afford a separate farming section and to spend money on new accounts. But for aspiring solo affiliate marketers, these kinds of problems can be a serious threat.

The correct approach is to study one source and make it your main one. Then, keep trying out other ad platforms and work through them. This way, if problems arise, you can quickly reshuffle your strategy and continue to profit from your campaigns.

If you’re a lone wolf with a modest budget, it will be more profitable to start working with shareware traffic sources, since you don’t stand to lose any money should the campaign fail. The most suitable verticals for shareware sources are betting and gambling.

3. Optimize your affiliate blog

If you’re getting betting traffic from your website, don’t think of it as a one-time thing. Properly optimized websites can attract traffic for years. This is especially relevant for the gambling and betting industry.

SEO traffic is one of the most relevant. With such a source, you can work not only via the CPA model, but also via RevShare and turn affiliate marketing into a source of passive income. Such traffic performs best when driven to gambling and betting affiliate programs

Proper SEO promotion requires you to not only write articles with keywords but also optimize them. The results don’t take much time to fruit. It will be similar to the snowball effect – getting the blog to the 1st page search results without any ads whatsoever. 

The search engines’ requirements for websites are periodically updated. For example, in 2021, the following moments were of great importance:



Besides the key SEO points: sitemap, H1, H2 headings, robot.txt creation, indexing by search engines, and other methods of technical optimization, it is important to introduce all the required updates quickly. In that case search engines will deem the website as suitable for the user and display it at the top of the search results.

4. Check the download speed and the usability of the interface

As stated above, download speed and readability on mobile devices are essential for search engine promotion. But this is just as important for regular visitors as for search engines.
The current trend is to constantly improve and add more content. Many experienced Internet users won’t even go on poorly-designed pages or ones with a garbage interface in the first place. 

Meaning you shouldn’t take website design lightly. That doesn’t necessarily mean you need to hire an expensive web studio – nowadays you can do it yourself thanks to different templates. But the pages should look concise and readable.

Also, keep in mind that 70% of online users use mobile devices. So if your site is not optimized for all types of popular mobile resolutions, you’re making a big mistake. No matter how much money is spent on advertising, you will still lose a majority of all incoming traffic unless you properly optimize your website.

5. Pay attention to details

Factors such as reviews and live communication create not only trust in the promoted product, but also a state of excitement. Even if you use fake reviews and write them yourself, pay attention to them. On many landing pages, you can encounter duplicate avatars, inconsistencies between the review text and the “person’s” gender, names that have never been used in the specific country, and other simple and easily avoidable mistakes.

If you want to attract high-quality traffic that will be ready to spend money on your offers, you need to make sure all the components of your ad campaign are perfect.

First, put yourself in the shoes of a potential buyer and look it over: would you react to such an ad? Second, don’t think people don’t pay attention to details. These are the most crucial parts. There are plenty of websites with a cool design and a variety of content, but not that many quality landings or showcase sites. By paying attention to all these little things, you will be able to gain the upper hand over your competitors thanks to the quality of the resulting product.

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Practice shows that finding profitable bundles isn’t as hard as making them work for a long period of time. Why do some people manage to make a bundle make money for years, while others can’t keep it “breathing” for over a week?

The likely answer is ad strategy details. Some treat affiliate marketing like a game of roulette: you either get lucky or you don’t. In reality however, if you want to really turn a profit, you need to treat it like an actual business. 

You need to design your ad campaigns as if you are an internet marketing professional and are launching one for a large, international brand. Then your work will reach the next level, as will your income.